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Dear Marky: Insecurity

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4 days ago

Insecure because of her boyfriend's ex

Dear Marky,

My boyfriend always tells me about his ex girlfriend so I can't stop being insecure. I feel like when there is an opportunity, they will get back together. Tell me what I should do.



Tell your boyfriend directly that he should not be telling you about his ex. Maybe that man lacks a slap. Taste it with a loud slap. She may even realize that she should not do that because you are her relationship and she should be focused on you.

Hmmm, maybe he just meant to say that to make you feel like he wants to end your relationship. There are men who just don't want to break up with a woman. He gives the woman more opportunity to know how she really feels for her to break up with herself.

Or it may be that his ego is too high for your relationship so he wants to see that you are hurting. That means you love him dearly. The question is, does he love you? If he loves you, he will protect your feelings and that is not what he does.

So can you separate that man so that you will not be hurt? But if you're a masochist, that's okay. Just remember that there are many others who deserve him more because there are other people who will love you more so do not let your world revolve around him.

Help me, my husband can't for get his mistress

Dear Marky,

Please give me a way for my husband to forget his mistress. My husband said he didn't want the girl anymore but I really wanted to make sure.



If you really want your husband to forget what he did to you, do your part as a wife. To be a responsible husband, you must take care of him and his needs. Maybe he was looking for someone else that is because you became irresponsible so now that you have another chance, do not be careless.

Love and respect your spouse. It is not enough that you just say ‘I love you’ all the time, you have to prove that you love him. You can only do that if you accept his shortcomings and mistakes. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. The important thing is that your husband admits his mistake and he is willing to correct that mistake.

I hope you really forgive him forever because if not, maybe when you fight you can just blame him for his mistake. If you do, you may end up in a fight and end up divorced later.

It is very important that you have some bonding as a new beginning of your marriage.

The Greatest Comeback!

Dear Marky,

I never thought I would see my ex again in the company I joined. I was the one who broke up with him because I think he has no future so I was too small when I found out he was my boss. Will I continue with this job?


Jane, It's really hard to be judgmental, you usually have karma. That's what happened to you and I don't want to say 'good' to you anymore. You are not a fortune teller so it is impossible for you to know exactly what will happen tomorrow. You have become judgmental because now you have overcome the karma. Just kidding, you have a higher position even though you think you have no better future than him.

It hurts your pride but you have to keep going. It turns out that you are very affected if you choose to stop. Also, nowadays it is difficult to find a job so it is even better if you just lower your pride. Even if you did not have a happy ending with your boss, you still have a relationship so it is good for you to talk.

I am sure that your panda also helped your ex-boyfriend down with him before so he reached his place then so I can say he is also indebted to you. To put an end to the guilt you feel, talk to your ex-boyfriend.

Your situation is very difficult right now so I advise you to be brave.

I thought of making this series for the broken-hearted to have a chance to release the pain they are feeling. So, if you are frustrated with love, it is better to just say a problem here so that I can advise you. I know it will help a lot then to make the pain you feel okay, in this series I will advise you on what I know and experience but the best way to release the pain is to pray and talk to God about what is best for you.

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Written by   7
4 days ago
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