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Dear Marky: Hubby's best friend have met again

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10 months ago

Dear Marky,

I am very jealous. My husband and his ex-girlfriend who is also my hubby's best friend have met again. What will I do? - Keena


Eh, what now if your husband and his ex-girlfriend who is his best friend have met, do you not trust your husband? That's wrong. You should trust him and not be too jealous. Often, jealousy is the cause of broken relationships. What, will you let that happen?

Remember you are the chosen one who has been loved by him, he chooses you in the first place, why you need to think of that thing, you don't need to worry anymore!

What is the reason he married you? Isn't it because he loves you? If so, why don't you trust him completely? Do you really feel that he loved his ex too much or are you really just insecure with the girl because he is also his best friend? If that's how you feel, you're miserable.

I think that's how you feel, you don't have confidence in yourself. That's not good. You should trust your beauty. Even if you think that woman is more beautiful and sexy than you, you still have to put in your brain that you are the wife so you need to be confident in your husband's love. And if you really love your spouse, you will trust him or her. You will not doubt him especially if there is no solid basis or evidence to get jealous.

If you really do not want your husband and his ex to be his best friend, you need to be a good wife. Serve him and listen to his grievances. Make her feel that you are always there for her. Do you know why you have to do that? Because that is what your spouse is looking for. ‘He has something to lean on. And that’s what he thinks of his best friend.

So, I teach you a way so that he can not think of approaching that woman. After all, any man can be tempted by a woman if he knows that she can understand and love him. That is also the reason why I tell you not to make a way for your husband to stay away from you. Trust him and he will not make an excuse to hurt you.

Never insult his best friend in case he brings the girl to your house. If you show rudeness, it will only make you more annoyed. So, reverse her psychology so that she does not think of kidnapping your husband. That said, if you treat someone well, he or she will not think of hurting you. Unless maybe the thickness of his face is intense.

Always remember, when all the negative things are running through your heart and mind, you have a lot of bad decisions to make. So, you are easy. Relax. Calm down there too, Keena. Do not rush into making a decision. Do not dominate your emotions. Because the negative will prevail. All you need to do is calm down and use your brain. You need to think of the right way so that your husband does not become close to his BFF who is his ex-girlfriend.

I thought of making this series for the broken-hearted to have a chance to release the pain they are feeling. So, if you are frustrated with love, it is better to just say a problem here so that I can advise you. I know it will help a lot then to make the pain you feel okay, in this series I will advise you on what I know and experience but the best way to release the pain is to pray and talk to God about what is best for you.

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Written by   20
10 months ago
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