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Commentary: The Entry of the "Age of Aquarius" (Part 3)

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4 days ago
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RAEL was born in France (WESTERN Europe) in September 1946 under the name Claude Vorilhon, he became a former French sport journalist and later became a founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, this was after his please encounter with Eloah (God) or known as Yahweh on December 13, 1973 aboard a UFO spaceship. According to the book Intelligent Design, Rael was assigned a mission to inform mankind of the truth about our origin and our future. Eloah also gave him facts and ways on things especially on how the earth would be organized and paradise. Eloah said to Rael:

"You, Claude Rael, you are our ambassador to the Earth, and the people who believe in you must give you the ability to carry out your mission."

"You are the last prophet before the Judgment, you are the prophet of the religion of the religions, the one who will remove the mystery and oscurantism and shepherd of the shepherds. You are the one whose coming was announced by the previous prophets, our representatives, to all of religion. "

"You are the one who returns to the shepherds before the water is poured out, the one who returns the creatures to the creator. The one who has ears can hear, the one who has eyes can see. developed in a scientific way. Primitive people will not understand everything you say. " - Intelligent Design, p.176.

On page 101 of Intelligent Design, Eloah told Rael:

"... TELL the whole world that I am lucky and repeat everything I told you. Smart people will listen to you. Many will consider you a lunatic or a visionary but I have already explained to you what most fools should think. "

"... If there are ENOUGH people following you, we will openly come. (Elohim returns to earth with Jesus)"

Anyway, the "age of Aquarius" is a time when the various high technologies will gradually GROW, science will flourish; from genetic engineering, nanotechnology, space exploration, biological robots, communication, even in the field of medicine and developing advance inventions and much more.

Gradually, poverty, crime, human knowledge will increase, knowledge will grow, and people will gradually become free and happy.

During this time, old churches like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity / Roman Catholic (as well as denominations such as Protestant, JW, SDA, INC, ADD, etc.) will gradually and or will gradually weaken. increasingly soluble and corrosive. The day will come when no one will believe in them, no one will believe in SUPERNATURAL god, mystcism, miracles, old traditions, some vain cultures or superstitions and so on. Through science the MISTAKES of the Church will gradually emerge.


The age of Aquarius is a sign that we are about to enter a period called the "golden age" (probably in the year 2160 begins) where we are FREE to do the things we want to do without having to work to earn, no need to go to school to learn or obey the orders of others to live. Able to do all this through science and technology, such as nano-tech, computers, machines, advanced artificial intelligence and more. Maybe you are wondering how, but in the future you will see ... little by little.

Now try to be updated always regarding the latest science discoveries, inventions and technologies and try to feel and understand our future humanity. Here you can see that cars are flying, mobile phones are holographic and transparent, then science at that time was able to resurrect the dead (human cloning), restore the old thinking and memory of man (transhumanism) , extend life (anti-aging technology), create new species (genetic engineering), even travel in space at the speed of light and more. Here future human beings can live "forever" like the Gods of the Bible only through the knowledge of SCIENCE.

My goal of publishing commentaries is to advance the research field by providing a forum for varying perspectives on a certain topic under consideration in the journal. I probably have in-depth knowledge of the topic and is eager to present a new and/or unique viewpoint on existing problems, fundamental concepts, or prevalent notions, or wants to discuss the implications of a newly implemented innovation. I may also draw attention to current advances and speculate on future directions of a certain topic and may include original data as well as state my personal opinion.

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Written by   14
4 days ago
Topics: Commentary
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