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Our country is an agricultural country . Most of the people in this country are farmers . In the past, most of the people of this country were involved in agriculture. But in the touch of modernity, many people have gone to work or business. However, many are still involved in agricultural work. The reason for saying this is that this article of mine will be about agriculture. There are a lot of unemployed people in my country. Half the people get jobs compared to the number of people educated every year. The other half of the people are unemployed without any work. Today I will discuss how to overcome this unemployment problem with a small investment.

Many of you will know the quail bird . This may be a way to eliminate our unemployment. How we can use it to eliminate unemployment is discussed in details..

Introduction to Quail bird...

The quail bird is not a native bird of ours. I don't know exactly which country. It belongs to smaller in size than a chicken. A lot like a pigeon. However, there is no big tail like a pigeon . It looks a lot like a baby chicken. The first shows that anyone can be mistaken for a chicken . I am giving a picture below so that you can easily recognize it .

Quail birds are kept for two purposes . Firstly for meat production and secondly for egg production. The method of rearing for meat production is usually observed for 1 month. And a few months are observed for egg production.

The caring process..

Quail caring system is similar to broiler chickens . The house is made for quail birds just like the house is made for broiler chickens. The baby quail has to be heated for a few days

This reduces the mortality rate of the child, the child becomes stiff and the immunity increases. Quail birds also eat the food that broiler chickens eat . This is because broiler chickens have all the nutrients they need in their diet. We usually see quail birds are ready to eat at the age of 1 month. In a month, a quail bird weighs about 200 grams . When a quail becomes an adult, its weight is around 300 grams.

Marketing ...

If anyone wants to keep quail for meat, he has to keep one month. The weight that will come in a month is suitable for eating. Then it can be offered in the local market or at the warehouse as a wholesaler . If it is not sold in the local market but is given as wholesale, then all can be sold at once It is available at a slightly lower price . Again, if it is sold in the local market, then the price is good. Now he has to decide which one is profitable for whom.

Raising eggs ...

If a quail is kept for eggs, then we have to keep that bird for 40 days or more.

Here I forgot to mention one thing . That is, there are two types of quail birds. One is our local variety and the other is hybrid variety. Hybrid varieties are slightly larger in size.

It also becomes an adult at around 40 days. When it is time for birds to lay their eggs, they learn to fly. At this time we have to keep the bird well tied . Otherwise many birds will be lost. Plastic nets can be used for enclosing.

Profit Loss Calculation ...

I will calculate the profit and loss in dollars instead of in my country's currency . Then it will be convenient for everyone to understand . We will calculate 1000 quail birds.

Cost: Baby - 0.17 $ per piece. Total $180.

The cost of food will be 200 kg a month The price of 200 kg food is $120. Also some of the accessories cost about $70. The total cost will be $380

Sale: We will be able to sell about 0.60$ per quail bird wholesale . As such, the price of 1000 is $600.

Net profit: Excluding total sales from total cost, we get net profit Then $600-$360 = $220 . That means we can earn $220 by raising 1000 quails in less than a month. It is not less at all.

We can do a lot about agriculture if we want to but we don't do it for laziness. If we become entrepreneurs ourselves. then there will be no unemployment in any country.

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