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Why are you Addicted to Wattpad?

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4 months ago

Sunday - October 11, 2020

WATTPAD is the word of the youth today especially my two sisters who did nothing in the afternoon but hold the cellphone and read Wattpad. I asked them why they were so addicted to reading Wattpad that they could hardly let go of their cellphones. When I was young, the Wattpad application was not fashionable then because the trend was the pocketbook.

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These are the most common questions people ask about Wattpad.

  • What exactly is Wattpad?

  • Why are so many young people today talking about it?

  • Why they are obsessed with this application?

  • Are you also one of the young people addicted to stories written by authors on Wattpad?

  • What are the positive effects you can get or bring on Wattpad?

  • What are the negative effects you can get or bring on Wattpad?

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is one of the most popular technology products enjoyed by many young people today. From its name, Wattpad, it means PAD. It is a kind of social networking site and also an online community where you can read novel-like stories created by young people. It can also be written and a young person expresses himself through poems, simple stories, novels, or even just reactions. It is full of stories with different genres that are very popular with young people. This is also possible for everyone where they are free to read different stories without having to pay to join or just to read the stories.

Why are so many young people today talking about it?

Wattpad is no longer just a website, there is also a Wattpad application that you can download to your mobile phone. And almost all young people today have mobile phones. Many young people read on Wattpad because sometimes they can relate to stories. Mostly because the authors on Wattpad, are in their age bracket. Most of the stories there, based on their own experiences. Most Wattpad writers also use simpler words to write. Their writing style is informal. As one person speaks, so do most Wattpad writers. Deep words are rare. The writing style is also freer. In other words, Wattpad writers know the voice of the youth so it is easier to read the stories they write. All stories on Wattpad are free to read so young people are very addicted. It is also a great help to young people especially young people with writing talent. Here their writing talent is honed.

Why they are obsessed with this application? Are you also one of the young people addicted to stories written by authors on Wattpad?

I asked my sisters why they were addicted to Wattpad, this is their answer "According to them, they enjoy reading Wattpad readings. Sometimes, when they are sad, idle, and bored, they make reading Wattpad a hobby or a pastime to lose their worries or feelings of sadness. And the Wattpad application has contributed a lot to the writers because they have been recognized as great writers. And in this application, you can make a story that originally came from you. Here you can express the various emotions and opinions you want to express. Because of our passion for reading, we learn a lot from Wattpad readings and more there, it will improve your reading skills. And another will hone your ability to understand texts. Young people enjoy reading Wattpad readings. These are just examples of the beauty of Wattpad readings. However, they admit that they are one of those who love to read Wattpad readings and they always read when they are favored or helpless and they also admit that they are addicted to reading Wattpad"

But let us not forget and always think that Wattpad brings bad things to our young people because they feel that once they start reading they want to finish it. After all, they do not want to hang what they are reading until they are unaware that the swelling is passing time all they did was read. So, I do not agree to include in the high school curriculum the readings from Wattpad. And one more thing, do not abuse the Wattpad reading because there are readings that are not pleasant and addictive or not worth reading.

So this is all I can advise, it is not forbidden to read on Wattpad but we should not abuse or continue reading in Wattpad readings because it brings something good to us, no matter how good it is, it has something bad to do with us. We want to give new writers enough knowledge about the good and bad influences of Wattpad in their writing. We will also make them aware that there are more reliable books that can be used as a basis for their writing. To reduce the low quality of writing, we would like to encourage Wattpad writers to develop their writing style. For Wattpad writers and readers alike, we would like to be able to suggest the basics for evaluating various texts read on Wattpad.

What are the positive effects you can get or bring on Wattpad?

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These are the positive effects you can get on Wattpad.

  • Thanks to Wattpad, you can easily escape the reality that even if you have too many problems, it will reduce your reading.

  • Helps discover your hidden abilities.

  • Developing a child's ability.

  • Make new friends online and it helps to hone their skills in:

  1. writing as poems,

  2. works

  3. short stories and much more

  4. as well as essay writing

  5. Its ability to comprehend is sharpened.

  • It also helps with students' lessons and projects.

  • It has also become a hobby of young people every time they do nothing.

  • Sometimes it is here that students get ideas for their projects or assignments.

  • And also because of Wattpad, many aspiring writers have been recognized and praised for their writing talents and the stories they create.

What are the negative effects you can get or bring on Wattpad?

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Because it has a good effect, it will not lose its bad effect on us because it is like a twin lizard that the good and the bad can never be separated.

The harmful effects of Wattpad are as follows:

  • Addictive

  • Loses the focus of the study, such as:

  • Instead of reading his/her notebooks to re-study what they have learned, they would rather just read on Wattpad.

  • They lose time with people close to them because he spends more time on Wattpad than socializing with them.

  • No longer able to focus during class time because it cares more about what is being read, what will happen next, and much more. Rather than listen to what the teacher is teaching.

  • Some articles contain obscene content that is not appropriate for young readers.

  • They neglect to take care of themselves which causes diseases, especially in the eyes since it is too late in the morning to read.

Wattpad as a new library has good and bad effects on students. But it is still up to us readers to affect us.

"Reading and writing are great hobbies, but know your limits and boundaries."

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Written by   288
4 months ago
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