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Part 2 Interview with sir Omar about Bitcoin Cash

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2 months ago

I am coming back to share a little knowledge through another interview with BCH Enthusiasts. About a few months ago I interviewed this person about his little personal information, his experience with cryptocurrency or BCH and he also gave tips and advice to BCH users.

Through it, we learn and we are further inspired by every word they utter. I introduced this person before but I want to introduce you again so that you can remember him better. He is one of the most admired by the simple users of BCH because of his humility, quietly giving tips to the, and users that he likes or deserving, simple investor, supporter and he are also one of the admirers of Bitcoin Cash. We also see him in the tweets he does every day on Twitter. None other than sir Omar!

There we go!

You are one of the fans of BCH, why do you believe in BCH?

Answer: I am convinced that Bitcoin Cash BCH is the better version of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was invented as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Unfortunately, BTC was "hijacked", and that vision was changed for BTC to become just a "store of value" or "digital gold".

Bitcoin Cash BCH keeps the original vision: fast, reliable, easy to transact, programmable money, with almost zero fees.

I believe that sooner or later, people will realize that BCH is the better bitcoin and that will be reflected in its price.

In your opinion, what is the next milestone of Bitcoin Cash and the community is going to achieve?

Answer: I can't think of a single milestone.  But I am looking forward to more adoption around the world.  I think the price increase will attract more investors and developers. More applications will follow, and Bitcoin Cash will be a household name.

Do you think Bitcoin Cash can change the world?

Answer: Absolutely! It already did.  And it has the potential to do much more. 

Bitcoin (Cash) puts the power into the people's hands, free from government controls on the transfer of money, and free from inflation by the central banks, and the hassles of fees of traditional banks. It has tremendous potential especially in the developing world, where everybody can have their bank on their mobile phone.

Do you think Marc De Mesel's BCH price prediction of $30,000 can be reached?

Answer: I sure hope so :)

But seriously, Marc is a smart man, and I can tell you for sure he is not one to throw numbers arbitrarily.  He does his investment research and shares it on his videos. 

If the dysfunctional version of Bitcoin (BTC) can reach $30,000, I don't see why the more practical version, BCH, can't reach that level. 

What can you say in the new social platform today which is the

Answer: I love it! I enjoy connecting with nice people from all around the world, and I have to thank Simon (the developer of the website) and @MarcDeMesel (the generous source of the free tips!).

In my humble opinion, is one of the best things that happened to Bitcoin Cash recently.  It proved that BCH can handle a large number of transactions per minute. Remember that you can't run a similar website on BTC. Nobody is going to pay a $10 transaction fee for a 10 cent tip!

It is also a nice way for people to be introduced to Bitcoin Cash. However, I see some newcomers who expect to make money just by logging in.  Nothing in life is free.  Marc is generously doing this to spread BCH awareness all over the world, but it is not a charity.  You have to put in some effort.  Be nice to people, write something meaningful, give and take, and you will make some money doing that.

Lastly, what advice or tips can you give to the users who hold BCH?

Answer: Keep BCH in a "wallet", not on an exchange website. I like the wallet, but there are other good options.

- Always keep the seed words (12 words) written down and in a safe place.  These are the keys to the wallet.  Remember, if you don't have the keys, you don't have the coins.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2021. Spread love and peace!


Thank you sir for your time and effort to make this interview successful. I have learned a lot from you sir Omar since my first interview with you.

I like what you said in numbers 4. After all, sir Marc's prediction will happen because nothing is impossible. And we are all excited on that day.

I also like what you said "Nothing in life is free" because nowadays you have to act and exert effort to earn money, not just sit on the side and wait for the blessing to come to you. You, also need to learn how to use cryptocurrency, how to earn money, try out great sites like and, and discover new things in life. That's why let us not waste all the support that sir Marc has given us. Let's use it in a good way!

Hoping that you learn about the thoughts of sir Omar in BCH and the advice that he gave.

Enjoy Reading!

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Written by   289
2 months ago
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Nothing is impossible bch will have it's time👍

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2 months ago

Agree with you. We need to wait for this day😊

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2 months ago