Heartbroken Music.

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One of the traditions of the heartbroken Pinoy is to listen to music. The music that goes over the past (by the way please just don't slap it). The music that you are feeling while writing is like the songwriter's meaning. I don't know why but when we listen to such music it helps us recover from whatever our heartbreak is. Maybe it's because we express our feelings better when we hear songs that reflect our feelings.

But it's also very different when OPM. Emotions, because they are used when you speak your own language. Those words, like a direct hit in your heart.

And because I couldn't do anything, I created a playlist again, but this time, OPM again. Come and join the heartbreaking, three-blood journey in OPM's mysterious world.

(One note: These are personal choices so what you can see are the songs I grew up with or the songs I have heard so far. Sorry if you can't find your favorite song from 19).

1) Departure by Color It Red

There are people who are really into your life, but you really need to let go. So all you can give is your love.

2) 241 (My Favorite Song) by Rivermaya

I have a theory on this song. Rico Blanco is so strong that you can't sing 214 because Bamboo really is that song. But the power of dating this song is strong, especially when the one you love is in the arms of another.

3) I'm With You and Mine by Inner Circle

It hurts when you have unfulfilled promises. Did he tell you that you are his forever but after a few years he is new forever? It hurts men. Then you did everything to get her back to you but you really didn't have to pray.

4) The Fight is Over by Urbandub

In every relationship, there is a point to getting married. Is he going to give you a giveaway because you just can't handle your day to day fight? You're so cold that it's time to cut off your relationship. But by the act of killing your relationship, you have a lot to ask.

5) Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown Away) by Orange and Lemons

This is the song for The One Who Got Away. Because you know he is no longer happy with you. You know you're cheating on him. Even if it hurts you, you will only laugh at it when you see him down with you.

6) As usual by The Dawn

This is what you are looking for if he still loves you. You look in the eye but you just can't see. You want to look again, you want to see the warmth you once felt but never really see.

7) Jeepney by Spongecola

This is your song for your college / high school sweetheart. You may think he is the one but he is not. When you graduate, you don't notice that you are slowly losing your sense of self and you are taking a break. Then you remember those nights when you were looking at the notes.

8) Burnout by Sugarfree Of course

Sugarfree can't be lost here. Their very first song was also a song about the death of a fire that overtook two people. The two of you really feel the same feelings and in the end, it seems like gray.

9) The Day You Said Goodnight by Hale

You're in love. You have done nothing. But you can't tell because he's taken it. You can't say thank you for everything he did for you. That's really loving. Sometimes you're checkmate.

10) Halaga by Parokya ni Edgar

These are the national anthems of friend-zoned mofos that no longer care that those they love have ugly boyfriend grass. Warning: Don't miss out on a school fair or any other public event. Maybe your bestie's boyfriend will beat you.

The comment section is open for everyone and you will share the songs you want.

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Hello Sir. I can really feel you. I am also an OPM Fan. I just never imagine life without those soothing music we have. Whenever I feel lonely, I always listen to our OPMs, or play along with my instruments. I also compose songs whenever I feel sad. Thank you for creating a community like this. Looking forward for more.

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