Happy Birthday "Bitcoin Jesus"

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The day of one's birth or the anniversary of that day. Elsewhere the anniversary of one's birth is celebrated with a party and a gift. The customs of greeting, gift-giving, and the celebration, as well as the cake with the candlelit, are intended so that the birthday celebration is protected from the demons and to ensure his peace next year. Candles lit are the provision of requests and awards and honors to those celebrating birthdays.

Why do we celebrate our birthday?

  • One of these is our gratitude to the Lord that we have reached this year again. And it is also a way for us to remember that another new year has been added to our lives given by the Lord.

  • We are also thankful for the things we have and also for what we have accomplished this year. All the trials we have gone through should also be thanked because that gives us the courage to fight again in the year he will give us.

  • Whether we have a fancy party or not, whether we have a cake or not, whether we have a gift or not or whatever, we can celebrate our department.

  • Celebrate with your family or your friends so you can have a bonding or picnic.

It is only one day in a year so we should just celebrate because I believe that another year on this earth is worth celebrating.

Because of that, I like to greet the one that everyone admires, everyone's idol and very humble with the famous name "Bitcoin Jesus" or the real name sir "Roger Ver"

Happy Birthday sir!

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Who is Roger ver?

Roger Keith Ver was born today, January 27. He is an early investor in bitcoin, bitcoin-related startups, and an early advocate of bitcoin. He is known as "Bitcoin Jesus" for his promotion of bitcoin. He is now promoting Bitcoin Cash. He served as CEO of Bitcoin.com until 1 August 2019, at which point he transitioned to Executive Chairman. Fortune Magazine in early 2020 referred to Roger Ver as the co-creator of Bitcoin Cash. - Sources

“More than happiness, my wish for you today is good health, more blessings, and humble will for all your success to achieve a grateful heart.

Thank you because you are one of everyone's inspiration. With the continuous spreading of peer to peer electronic cash (Bitcoin Cash) worldwide. By being helpful, generous, and hardworking, I know you will go far and the Lord will continue to guide you through all the good in your heart.

Again, Happy Birthday sir!

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