Fear of Number 13?

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It is known as a baker's dozen, as the English call it a baker's dozen. This interesting name has a history of its own. The fact that bakers in the Middle Ages feared severe penalties, which was given in time for cheating customers (even came up with the cut-off hand). Therefore, they added every dozen extra loaves in fear of inadvertently making a mistake.

As we have already noted, in many European cities, in our day, there were no apartments, floors, houses at number 13. It was also associated with countless bus and airplane seats, trains, and cars in the auditoriums. It is believed that it brings misfortune to the people.


According to ancient legend, 13 - a dozen bakeries. therefore it is considered that it does not signal well. Especially if that number drops on Friday - then this is certainly a problem expected. As you know, Monday is considered a stressful day. However, on Friday, many people were not particularly fond of it. Today in the unknown forces can bring people a lot of trouble, because all the worst stuff on the 13 and Friday, is doubled when putting together. Therefore, it is considered the unfortunate day, "the day of Satan." Fears on Friday the 13th were even called by a special brave who spoke the word.

This is not a superstition and not a joke. For example, in a robust edition, especially in the "British Medical Journal" notice surgeons on Friday, especially the thirteenth day, try not to schedule tasks. They know that today the risk of failure is doubled! Official medicine is still practically ignorant of the phenomenon, but it does exist.

It should be said that such prejudices believe not only narrow-minded people but also geniuses. For example, Goethe tried to hold on Friday the 13th in bed. Bismarck did not sign the documents, and Napoleon evaded it. In 1913, writer G. D'Annunzio wrote all his letters dated 1912 + 1.


Fear of the number 13 - a fairly common phenomenon. So much so that he is listed in the classification of neuroses as the triskadecafiya. According to some reports, in the United States that is subject to the fear of 17 to 21 million population. Common symptoms range from mild anxiety to introduce panic. Many people are under the influence of this number, changing your schedule or business decisions. Often, they even refuse to work on such a discouraging day.

There is a very simple remedy for this phobia. We need to focus their attention on the happy things that happen despite the 13 numbers. No need to focus on failure. Different people in folklore can be found and other drugs. For example, you have to climb to the top of the mountain (can be a skyscraper), and then burn everything here with holey socks. You can also eat a piece of cartilage, standing on its head. What to do for you - decide for yourself.

The cost of the numbers, their magic - it's all very interesting, even controversial. In this article, we touched on only a few aspects of numerology. We hope you find the information you need.

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I never really understood this fear of thirteen thing. Well it all comes down to what you were made to believe.

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2 years ago