Friday Morning

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3:32 am Unfamiliar sound wake me at first I thought it's just nothing but then strange foot step on my doorstep came in.

I turn on the light of my phone and switch on the light in our room then the noise suddenly stop.

When I was 7 years old my grandfather told me that before we buy the house where we are living now he said that long time ago there was a child buried in this place he said that the child was being killed by his mother.

I ask him why should a mother kill his own flesh I think she didn't do it maybe she just accused. Then he replied- Some people says that the mother killed his child because she loved her child then he killed her self after it.

What? She loved her child but she kill it? Where the love in it? Why should it be? My grandfather just smile and said Love is not seen by good things you've done for others sometimes Love is selfish.

The mother killed her child because she loved it so much then she followed it to death, the mother has no job she don't have money to buy food for her child his husband fooled her having an affair on her own sister his husband didn't give money to her also his husband hurting her abusing her with violence.

The mother thinks that her child don't deserve that kind of life ,she think that being alive is slowly dying so she finish the life of her child and her life.

Then I turn off the light and go back to bed maybe the child don't understand why her mother do it maybe he's confused or something .

Thank you for reading this is for my son hope you can help me any cent is a big help thank you.

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