Freedom Chains

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Someone says that if you already have family you have to be contented and have an commitment to them but what if your just keep on staying because your scared of what other people may say afraid of being judged by your family, friends, relative ? Would you stay even though you feel your not totally happy on your life now?

I don't know what kind of love it is but one thing is for sure it's not unconditional love at all. They say there are three types of love you'll meet in life first is the puppy love the one that you think is the only one and you'll live a happy ending, second is the committed love the one that you see who can be with you and makes you happy all the time lastly is the unconditional love the one that even he/she can't give you anything you still love him/her.

I meet a man in my high school life we both have the same life journey my first impression to him is that if this man is going to be my husband I know he can't leave me cause he knows what it feels to have a broken family.

Then we're together for 2 years and I got pregnant, so our family wants us to have our own home to raise our child together. As years past I feel like I'm stuck on a room with no windows nor doors it feels like I can't do anything I want and loved to do to be happy. I just have to do household chores take care of my child sleep, wake up again do chores just like that everyday then I realize I'm not happy with my life. I loved my child so much but with my status I feel like I'll gonna live like this forever.

Then one day I just download an Dating App I meet many friends,Men and I meet a guy he's 15 years older than me he have 2 son's he's wife died 2 years ago and he wants to find a partner in life who can help him and motivate him,

We became friends online , I didn't tell my husband about it I just said I got a friend. Days past I slowly know what kind of person he was until I just feel like I loved him I know it's unfair for my husband I know Im already cheating on him because of that but when I talked to that man everyday I feel comfortable with him.

But I realize I have family I have a child I don't want him to grow with a broken family like me and his father so I stop contacting on that man and uninstalled that App . But today I feel sad I feel alone I feel like I'm in a chain and dark room again.

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