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Date: May 14,2022

Hi guys, Now I'm home, and I have taken a shower. After that, I went to our balcony and chilled while drinking cold coffee. (cold coffee because it is too hot in the philippines). By the way, how is your day? Is it good or bad? Mine is good because my mom treats us

My journey starts here................

While I was sleeping soundly. My mother suddenly woke me up. Guest what? He woke me up to look for the broom. I'm so annoyed because my dream is so beautiful eihh.. Lol... Nakita ko so crush.. Charr.. I looked for the broom and even asked my to help me. So I woke him up.. Hahaha And there it is, he's mad at me. After 5 minutes, we finally found our broom. It's just in our neighborhood.

It's worth it that I w9ke up early. My mom said that we were going to the mall. Ohh my.. Finally, I will be released after 1 month. Yes you read it right I am almost one month locked up at home. You know, because of covid-19 so I can't get out.

We ride on a bus, and I go in there near the window. While we are on the way. I noticed that a lot had changed on the side of the road. The other buildings are rented differently, and the others are still the same. When we arrive at the terminal, we ride a jepneey to reach our main destination (CSI MALL). The funny things is that what we rode was wrong. It was so embarrassing for so many passengers... We looked ignorant.. So we just get out, and we walked slowly to the mall. Finally, we arrived at the destination.

When we handed over the mallwe went straight to Jollibee. My all time favorite. Take note this is just a snack. We tried to order the famous tipid tips that went viral on tiktok. After that, we shop for appliances. We bought a washing machine. After that, we went to the other mall to eat our lunch there. We enter at the korean restaurant. I ordered some of there rice meals. After we ate our lunch we went on a grocery because our refrigerator is empty.

Of course, like a reprimanded child. Just ad to cart and add to cart here items like junk foods and softdrinks.. Lol.. Guest what our grocery bills reached 5,000 pesos. That is already $95.46.. Wow.. I can't believe that it will take that much. So we went home. It was very tiring day, but it was fun because I came out again after one month.


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