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9 months ago

Date: June 4,2022

For today I am gonna answer some random question that I found when scrolling in social media.

What Makes You Unique?

I think it makes me because of my fingers. My fingers are hard as a rock.. Lol..

Story time:We are scouting and we set up a tent and their is the one button need to push to assemble. No one can push that button even a scout master can't .. The button is too hard .. But when I push it, it works .. So I'm the only one who can. So I need to set up all the 20 tents.. Mygaasshhh, I was blessed with strength but I was tired of setting up the 20 tents.

Know any Good Jokes?

"Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"


"Hope who?"

"Hope you can still laugh at this great joke!"

What's Something You Want to Learn or Wish?

I want to learn how to Unleash my super powers.. Lol.. A super powers that I want is a super strength. Strenght that can fight all dangerous event might happen in our family and friends and over come all the challenges that I encounter.

Who Are the Special People in Your Life?

The most special people in my life is my family. Thay are my love of my life. They are the source of my power to be able to stand. And my parents are special because they are the who take cares of me when I came to this world.

What's Your Favorite Place on Earth?

My favorite place is my place. Lol.. I can do a lot of things. I can do here the things that shouldn't be seen .. Joke.. My room can be convertable into study room, sleeping room, gaming room, movie theater room, and kitchen.. That is why I love it and it is my favorite rooms in all the rooms in the house.. In tagalog they called it kwarto..

What’s The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Ever Seen?

The most beutiful I've seen is YOU. Hahaha.. I am an adventurous guy and I love going somewhere else .. Like go to beach, mountain, falls, and others. But what I can't forget is that we traveled in Baller Philippines .. We hiked for a long time to be able to reach the falls at the top of the mountain. We took 3 hours climbing the mountain. But it is so very worth it When we got there at the top.. The falls is so very beautiful. It relieves our fatigue.

What Would You Do With 10 Million Dollars?

Ohh wow 10 million pesos is alot of money but 10 million dollars is more a lot of money.. If I'm gonna have this money maybe I would by a mansion and buy my dream car Lamborghini. And the rest of the money I buy it on real state properties like houses and farm lands, or commercial land. Because I am sure that this things prices is going to be higher and higher as the year move.

So thats is all the question that I can answer for today. Also you are free guys to get the questions and answer it to yourself.. Bye have a great day


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9 months ago


A good session of QA I enjoy it a learn a beautiful answers

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9 months ago

The unique question I like is what is the most beautiful place you see, Beaches, mountains and waterfalls, I really like going to beaches and waterfalls, but I don't like climbing mountains, because in all my history I have never done that. Laugh out loud -laugh.

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9 months ago