The power of thought.

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2 years ago

The power of thought - it is infinite and extends to everything around us. Everything is a thought. The root cause is our thoughts and images, which are carried through our heads in an endless sequence. There can't be such an event in our life that we haven't thought about, didn't think and didn't suppose. Just as there can't be those relationships that we haven't thought about. If we're constantly focusing on an image, it's what happens in our lives.

Keep an eye on your thoughts and beliefs, for they are the only ones that create our lives.

Everything is just a certain set of images and mental representations. When we constantly concentrate and think about one thing, sooner or later this event inevitably happens in our lives. By concentrating our thoughts and thinking about the fact that our world cares about us, noticing the slightest situations that confirm this belief, over time our lives will resemble a solid strip of luck. Everything will begin to happen by itself, in due time and so harmoniously and smoothly that we will sometimes wonder ourselves and where was all this lightness and luck before?

When we constantly focus on our successes, think about them, remember, record and rewrite, record growth and change, then over time, such successes become an integral part of our lives. And everything we do begins to happen according to a well-established scenario. Miracles happen to us at every step. At the same time, focusing on our miracles and successes, we, like a magnet, begin to attract and notice the positive events in the lives of others.

When our thoughts are filled with a state of happiness and joy and every day we wake up with a sense of gratitude and a feeling of miracle - this is our life and becomes. For our life is just a reflection of our inner state.

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