The moment of truth is coming.

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2 years ago

One day there comes a time when you get tired.... you get tired of writing to someone, talking about someone... when you get tired of everything ... of this eternal struggle for life.... there comes a time when you let everything run its course.... and you don't care what happens after.... when you are so exhausted that you do not want to see anyone else, when you do not care about anyone.... you absolutely do not care who says what about you, who looks at you and how... you just don't care about everyone and everything.... you understand that this position is wrong, and you need to live and enjoy every moment.... but you don't even care about that anymore.... usually at this moment, the familiar world inside you collapses, and you still dream that there will be at least someone who will build a new one.... although, to be honest to the end, you do not expect anything and do not hope for anything.... you just become indifferent to the whole world..... deeply indifferent to all people.... and to admit, you yourself at such moments become indifferent...

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