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1 year ago

Sleep, study, work, home, sleep. Now everyone is suffering from the monotony of their lives. What happened yesterday will happen again today, will happen tomorrow and will overtake the day after tomorrow. There is no variety: life is gray and boring, it's too lazy to do anything. And so it goes, day by day, waiting for something interesting. In anticipation, not in creation. Everyone who is too lazy to change something, or those who expect everything to change by itself, are doomed to exist, not to live. It is to exist. People themselves, by their laziness, drive themselves into this empty whirlpool of monotony.

Monotonous days, monotonous actions, monotonous friends, monotonous emotions and feelings - all this will not change just like that, waiting. For everything it is necessary to make efforts: to go and meet someone; to do something interesting and useful; to find some hobby; to read an interesting book that motivates for something, etc., etc. No one knows when he will die and from what: accidents, accidents, diseases. It is necessary to live today, but at the same time not to forget about the consequences in the future, because sometime it may come and you will have to answer.

Don't be lazy, start doing something today. Postponing for tomorrow, life passes. Tomorrow may not come. Don't be an average person, strive for more, think bigger, create for the ages - act.

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