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Good evening to all. Let's talk with you today about the beautiful city and its sights.

Jerusalem is the center of world religions. The holy city, to which millions of pilgrims and tourists go endlessly at any time of year.

Jerusalem - one of the oldest cities in the world. The capital of Israel, translated from Hebrew - the city of peace. Despite this name, it was captured 80 times. It was destroyed 36 times, and it was reborn again.

Jerusalem is beautiful. This is the city that turned my view of people and changed my view of the wide world. This city is living proof that no matter what language is spoken, no matter what god is worshipped and whatever the customs of specific peoples - we are all one organism, links of one chain, part of one system. Whatever we say, we all want the same thing - health, happiness, and a deep understanding of the beautiful reality around us.

This city is a museum, where every stone is a historical monument. Jerusalem - the only city in Israel, where all houses must be faced with slabs of Jerusalem stone. The entire city is built in one unique architectural style. Here you can see orthodox Jews, girls with guns, Orthodox Christians, people from all over the world. The streets of this magical city can walk forever.

The Wailing Wall is the holiest place for Jews around the world. Women pray on the right, men on the left. Every day thousands of people come here.

Gethsemane Garden is only one part of the area, which is located under the western slope of the Mount of Olives, near the Old Town. In Gethsemane there are several very important sights of Jerusalem, including the Church of All Nations.

Mount Zion - today, rather a hill - has become a symbol of the Promised Land for all Jews of the world. After the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and the Jewish people were scattered all over the world, no longer having their own country, the name of the mountain turned into a nominal name.

The Castle of David is one of the most monumental attractions of the "City of Gold". Actually, it is from this city that Jerusalem began. The old city was inhabited already later, and the first state of Jews, founded by the second Jewish king David.

Another important Christian shrine of Jerusalem is Via Dolorosa (aka Way of the Cross and the Road of Grief). It is believed that this is the way Jesus walked from the place where the sentence was pronounced to the place of execution.

The center of Old Jerusalem is surrounded by a fortress wall with a gate. Once they really ensured the safety of the citizens, were carefully guarded, and now have become a tourist attraction of the ancient city.

Temple of the Holy Sepulchre... The list of attractions can be continued endlessly. But only by visiting this place you can fully feel the energy and atmosphere of these legendary places, which will forever remain in the memory of anyone who visited Jerusalem.

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