It is impossible to erase the memory.

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The story of my life. Mom and Dad divorced when I was 4 years old. I loved Dad so much, but they separated and began to live separately. Dad wanted to take me to his place, but mom was against it, of course. I've always been waiting for him, and I missed him very much. But he didn't come any more. Mom wanted to file for alimony, I remember when I was 10 years old, I refused myself, and told my mother not to do that. He didn't come, I was always waiting for him, my mother lied every time that he would come for the new year with gifts, for his birthday. But no, dad never came, years passed, mom got married and had children, my stepfather offended me, humiliated and mocked me almost every day, called me a freeloader, I plowed like a horse to feed myself. Stepfather constantly said-who does not work, he does not eat! And that my dad doesn't even send money!

I was waiting for my father, God, it hurt me, but he didn't come. I have forgiven everyone, I do not hold a grudge against my mother and stepfather, my mother is no longer there, he is a pensioner, I help him myself. Now I have my own family, and everything is fine (I left my dad's last name).

But, many years have passed, I'm still waiting for dad, and he doesn't need me, I've known for a long time, but inside me that little girl is always waiting, hoping that he will come and hug me, say I missed you, I love you! You're my daughter! I know where he lives, I want to go to him, but I can't, suddenly he won't listen to me and won't be happy to meet, because he has his own family. What should I do? It is impossible to erase the memory. Take care of what you have, because not everything can be returned back.

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