Incredible inventions , at a whole new level .

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Let's talk about developments.

Man has invented and will always do so. But by looking at human activity in recent decades, there is a sense of disappointment. However, do not hurry to lose faith in humanity! I bring to your attention 10 incredible inventions at a completely new level!

1.Founder of Gravity Industries startup Richard Browning presented the first full prototypes of his jet pack at two festivals in the UK. The model of jet pack consists of five microturbines, one of which is on the back, and two more are attached to the hands. The total power of the engines is more than 1 thousand horsepower, which allows a person to stay in the air for about two minutes.

2.Michelin Company together with General Motors intends to launch into mass production "wheels of the future" by 2024 - airless and resistant to puncture Michelin Uptis tires. The Uptis tire concept was first introduced in 2017, where Michelin revealed the main requirements for its future tires: they must be airless, printed on a 3D printer, and consist of 100% renewable bio-materials. 3.Smart mirror FITNESS MIRROR! With it, your home training will be much more fun, because it will follow you during the lessons. "Smart Mirror connects to your phone via Wi-Fi. Before you get down to business, it will offer a questionnaire to determine your level and your favorite training options.

4.Stickers on the feet of Nakefit will replace beach shoes! They were developed by an Italian engineer and designer Sabato Alterio. This gadget will surely be appreciated by anyone who at least once faced the need to take off their flip-flops before swimming, and then put them back on - and try not to slip.

5.super light glider, which weighs only 61 kilograms. This weight can be carried on the shoulders of almost any adult man, especially since there is no need to carry far - just a few steps from a steep slide, and the glider lifts you into the sky. The glider is also designed with an electric motor, which can be installed within half an hour.

6.Water Seer produces 40 liters of water per day from the air. The Water Seer unit does not need an external power supply, does not produce greenhouse gases and can last for decades. Water Seer promises to solve the problem of water shortage, which affects 2.3 billion people around the world, with a relatively simple technology to convert condensate into clean drinking water.

7.A small, versatile device that can wash an entire house in seconds. The circle of stated household works, which can be accelerated and simplified with Dremel Versa is almost endless. Including cleaning tiled, glass, metal, plastic and other surfaces: any where sponges, brushes and scrapers are traditionally used.

8.what could be better than a summer shower in the yard! The Magic Showerhead Automatic Shower Board can be installed in minutes without any tools. Simply connect the garden hose to this board and place it anywhere you want. As soon as you step on the platform, water flows like a fountain that surrounds your body from head to toe.

9.Joto board, created by the team of Those, knows how to draw masterpieces and write notes. Using a special mobile application, we can send from anywhere in the world to print a sketch, message, to-do list for those who are at home. The board will accurately reproduce the sketch or inscription on canvas.

10.Hadrian X is a high-performance construction robot. According to the company, the robot is capable of laying about 1,000 bricks per hour, which means it could build the entire building envelope in just two days, compared to four to six weeks of human labor. Before laying the bricks, the robot evaluates the 3D design layout, calculates the location and size of each brick.

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