10 most dangerous bridges in the world.

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Good evening, everybody. Today I want to tell you about the most terrible bridges.

Bridges can be different, from the most complex engineering structures made of concrete to suspended bridges, which swing from the slightest blowing of the wind. These are the 10 most terrible bridges in the world.

1. Bridge of Cesvaca, Peru

Many travelers are known under another name - Inca rope bridge. Nowadays in Peru there is only one rope bridge Keshvachaca. Its length is about 36 meters, and hangs at a height of about 20 meters above the river. The bridge is still actively used by locals. If you lose your balance, it will not be easy to stay on the bridge.

2. Kushma Ghadi Bridge, Nepal

It is one of the most dangerous suspension bridges in the world, but despite its impressive height and small width it is quite a reliable construction. The bridge is one of the highest suspension bridges in the world, its length is 344 meters, and it is 135 meters above the Maddy River. Lovers of thrills come here, especially since the bridge offers a stunning view of the picturesque mountain scenery of Nepal.

Viaduk Goteyk Bridge, Myanmar 3.

It was built during the reign of colonial England and in 1900, and was recognized as the largest railway overpass in the world. To this day, the Goteyk remains the highest bridge in Myanmar. The size of the Viaduct is simply impressive - it is 689 m long, supports 15 supports, and the height of the Goteyk is 102 m. Today, the bridge is known among tourists around the world, because to ride the train over the abyss is a pleasure for real daredevils.

4. The longest bridge in the world

The longest bridge in the world was built in China. Its construction began in 2009. It goes through the sea, and connects Hong Kong Macau and Zhuhai. The length of the construction is 55 kilometers, and the construction of this giant bridge cost 11 billion dollars. The construction of the bridge includes artificial islands, and even an underwater tunnel almost 7 km long, with a maximum depth of over 40 m, which is the longest in China, and the only tunnel in the world in the open sea.

5. Trift Bridge, Switzerland

It has a length of 170 meters, and was known among travelers as a very shaky design. It is said to have been built in only 6 weeks, which gave even less confidence in its fortress and stability. The structure swung heavily, and not everyone dared to walk on this bridge. In addition, in this region, almost constantly blows a very strong wind. Visitors get bloodshot in their veins, and sweat hands from the light swaying of the bridge.

6. Huashan Highway, China

Next is not a bridge, but something scarier - it is the most terrible road that you can walk. Hanging wooden planks, above the half kilometer cliff in the Huashan mountain massif - one of the most dangerous routes on earth. This road is not for nothing called the path of death, because to break from the narrow planks into the bottomless abyss would mean a certain death. They say that up to 100 people a year fall from these trails.

7. Hussaini Bridge, Pakistan

Fans of extreme entertainment will not pass by the Husaini Bridge for sure. This active bridge allows crossing the Gongtsi River. If you want to cross this bridge, get ready that strong wind will rock you, and the huge gaps between the boards will not allow you to move quickly.

8. Viaduct Millau, France

It is the highest transport bridge in the world, towering over the Tarne Valley in southern France. In its arsenal cable-stayed bridge has three records - as the owner of the highest bridge support - 245 m, the highest mast crowning support - 343 m, and the highest transport road lying at an altitude of 270 m above the ground.

9. The longest glass bridge in the world (Glass Bridge in China).

Opened in 2015 over the Chinese Pinyang Valley. This transparent bridge is 300 meters long, connects the two peaks, and stretches over the Chinese valley at an altitude of about 180 meters. The vast majority of visitors with great difficulty forced to walk over the bridge. It is extremely terrible to walk almost in the air, and even at this altitude.

10. The longest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world

In summer 2017, near the Swiss town of Zermatt, the world's longest suspension pedestrian bridge was opened. It stretches for 494 meters above the Grabengufer break, at a height of 85 meters. At the same time, its width is only 65 centimeters. Before that, the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the world, was considered to be the Titan Bridge in Germany, with a total length of construction of 458 m, and even earlier the longest bridge was Sky Park in Sochi, with a length of 439 meters.

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