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3 years ago

Hi good day every one. It's me again @Mariene.Avery .I am so excited today because I'll be joining a photo contest. Lol! I know I am not good in taking photos but I still want to try since I like taking photos of nature as I believe that God created it so I want to share what I see whenever I visit our backyard. It's like may way of saying thank you Lord for this wonderful creation you made for us to have fruits and plants that not only beautify the surrounding but giving us a nice place to live in.

Let's start with the first photo :)

Hi there little bug. When I first saw this I was amazed how a tiny creature help the ecosystem grow and maintain it. plants and animals, big or small contribute a lot to the ecosystem
We have this small vegetable garden and this is one of my favorite place. Looking at our plants growing with flowers makes us happy as we can now see all the hard work we have in making this garden. Soon we can eat those vegetables and we can save a lot from buying food. This really help us with pandemic.
This is my daughter getting some mulberry in our backyard. This is one of her favorite fruits that we have in the backyard. She likes this plant too as it is not that high so she herself can pick the mulberries and eat it right away.
I love flowers. If you will take a look at my previous posts I have some photos of different flowers in our garden. And I like taking photos after the rain because for me flowers are more beautiful after the rain. I love seeing those tiny droplets in their petals.

So there you go. That's it. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos. I love nature and I love God. Win or lose that's okay. Looking at these pictures makes me feel like I already won because I am very lucky to see a beautiful scenery that God created for us. I hope we can preserve this environment and save it from pollution so that the next generation can still see how beautiful our earth is.

Like me you can also join this photo contest by Mr. @aminul. the link is here so that you check the mechanics on how to join. Good luck to all of us. and have a great day!

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3 years ago