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Story: The Charge of Love

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2 days ago

This incident caused quite a stir in our area when I was very young. I didn't understand that at that time. But when I learned to understand, I suffered a lot.

This happened to my older sister's girlfriend's older sister. Apu's name was Pari. There were many Gunavatis as well as Rupavati.

Pari Apu was then in 10th class. At that time it was customary to keep a lodging master at home. So Pari Apu fell in love with that lodging master. The love of that time meant hard love. He will either live together with the one he loves or he will die. Yet do not have a family with anyone else.

No one knew about their love for several months. Since they live in the same house and study with the master, no one could understand their love.

But for a while, her elder sister-in-law seemed suspicious and she started keeping an eye on the fairy. One day while reading, Master Pari saw her thinking while holding her sister's hand.

The result became known to the whole family, the whole area. Pari Apu was beaten and Master was chased away. Two months passed like this. There is no contact with anyone. The pot was also fixed for the fairy sister.

In the meanwhile Pari Apur test came. Apu was brought to the school under strict guard. One day my elder brother could not go to school with her due to some problem. He told his girlfriends to go to school together and come back together after taking exams. Don't stand anywhere on the way.

On the way to school, the master is standing in the street when he suddenly sees the fairy sister. After so many days, Apu could not understand what to do when she saw him. So suddenly an idea came to his head. Apu told her friends that she had left the geometry box at home. That day there was another math test.

There were only fifteen minutes left in the test. So he told his girlfriends to go to school. He was coming to school early from home with a geometry box. Even if the girlfriends didn't agree at first, they left because they had less time.

As soon as the girlfriends left, the fairy sister ran to the master. He said that his marriage was fine. The master said, "So come with me to my house. We will go there and get married."

Apur was very young then. And believing in the words of Apu Master, living in the dream of building a house with the man of love, without telling anyone, he took her hand and left in an unknown way.

At that time such incidents would have been easily known. So it didn't take long for the Apur incident to spread in the whole area. His family was very aristocratic and Daputa. So his family, ashamed and angry, did not feel the need to take any news from Pari Apur.

If the story had ended here, it would have seemed that the fairy sister was happily tied up with the man of her love. But the last one was very taxing.

Five years after this incident. One of the drivers in his area was driving towards Rajbari.

One day the driver went to Daulatdia brothel. There he discovered Pari Apu. The fairy sister told him that the master had brought her here for a while and sold her here.

Pari Apu grabbed the driver's hand and requested him to tell his father and brother about the matter. And to rescue him from here. When he came to Pari Apur's house and told this, it was as if the sky was falling on everyone's head. It didn't take a moment for the incident to spread in the whole area.

After much deliberation, her parents decided not to bring her back. This will ruin their dignity. Their lineage will be reduced. He who has ruined their honor has died for them.

As a child, I did not understand much about this incident. But now I think, a girl gave the value of faith to the extreme? The man who ran away with the dream of building a house with the man of love did not just sell his body by selling her to a prostitute. Immediately sold, his dream, his faith in his whole existence!

And he did not think for a moment that his family would sacrifice his daughter alive in the glory of the thin aristocracy!

I don't know how the fairy sister is. I don't know if he is alive or dead. But sometimes I think, trusting someone, if love deserves this, then what kind of love is this? Isn't this the price for loving a cow too much?

[Note: Written based on true facts]

Thank you

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Written by   13
2 days ago
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