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1 month ago

My brother avoids me for some strange reason. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. One morning I went to his room and said to him, "Brother Zahid, why are you so afraid of me?"

He had a cup of tea in his hand, that cup was full of hot tea. After listening to me, he ate vyabacheka, just playing vyabacheka could be accepted. His hand trembled in such a way that some tea fell on his white Punjabi. He said, "Whoa, who said you're scared? Why should I be scared?"

"That's what I'm talking about! I'm not a tiger, I'm not a bear; I don't have four arms, I don't have two horns on my head, I don't have an extra eye on my forehead; but I came to talk, you immediately threw tea on my lap! Stuttering again, he says, don't be afraid! Please don't sit with a cup of tea; the stain will go away. "

I am very upset with Zahid Bhai. As much as it is possible for a human being to be an ass, he is more than an ass. As scary as a man can be, he is even more cowardly! Of course I did a bigger asshole than him, because I fell in love with a donkey like him. I'm in love with him, he should hold my hand and pull me. The problem is I can't tell him anything, and he's so stupid that he can't understand anything.

Zahid Bhai rents our three-storey room. My father had enough objections to rent a house to a bachelor man; The father's objection to the mother did not survive. In the words of the mother, "What a delight it is to see a boy! You can tell by looking at this boy's face that he doesn't understand any of the world. If we don't rent, where will this boy go!" No! Is that all? Every time what is cooked, mother puts it in a bowl and brings it to him. The first time I saw this adikhyeta, my body would burn with anger. One day my mother said to me, "Nitu, come to Zahid with this bowl, mother!" "Mom, can't you do this every day?"

The mother raised her eyes to her forehead and said, "What do you see here? The boy is alone, there is no right to eat or not to eat, it is Maya to see!"

"Allah gave you so much Maya can, mother? I am getting restless in Maya's pain! What will you give me today? But never again will you ask me to come with something! Be careful!

I got up on the third floor and saw the door of the room wet. I gently opened the door. He is sitting on the bed with his back to the door, laptop open in front of him, he is tapping the keyboard with one mind, and there is no frown anywhere. I took this opportunity to look around his room. Bachelor boys' rooms are usually not so tidy. It is rude to rush into a man's room, so I coughed a little. He looked back and was shocked to see me like a ghost. I said, "Mom sent it for you."

He hurried forward and took the bowl. I said, "I'm not a ghost, there's no reason to be shocked to see me like this." He did not answer me. I saw the bowl shaking his hand. I said, "You have an earthquake in your hand. Please put the bowl somewhere and then shake it as much as you want. Original Munnu Ceramic, breaking this bowl will ruin the whole set." I didn't stand up and went downstairs. I realized I was completely stunned. I wanted to see his stunned face. I look back once, he looks at me like a fool. I looked at him and smiled sweetly; This smile is enough to confuse him completely.

Then I started harassing. I like to hurt him. Going through this torment, I suddenly realized one day, I love this man of ass nature. This time I was in great pain. There is no way to explain to this man, nor can I say anything on my own. Eating, sleeping, studying have all come to mind. Mother said, "Nitu, what happened to you? Why is there so much ink under your eyes? You don't even eat!"

"Mother, ink under the eyes because I have applied ink on the eyes. Rabindranath said this ink is blacker than stigma!"

"Can't you just talk nonsense? Bad thing!"

If I could tell my mother, her darling pet is responsible for this eye ink, what would she do?

One day I thought, I wore a sari, I decorated it beautifully. I went to him and said, "Brother Zahid, I don't look beautiful, tell me?"

Seeing me, he stared at me like a fool for a long time. Then he mumbled, "Yes, I feel."

"From now on, if I look beautiful, please don't keep quiet. Call me and say- Neetu listen, you look very beautiful. Remember?"

He shook his head, will stay.

I said, "Listen, you have a lot of intelligence in your head. I can't find the answer to a difficult puzzle. Can you tell me?"

"What puzzle?"

"A Qazi has three sons. He made a will. If he dies, the eldest son will get half of his property, one third will get the majest son and one ninth will get the youngest son. There is no way they can divide the seventeen camels into half, one third or one ninth, because the condition of the will is that no one can sell or cut these camels. The puzzle is that they How do you share this property? "

"The puzzle is hard."

"Certainly difficult. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right."

This time he looked very confused. He said, "I mean, if I could answer, would you marry me?"

"Of course I will!" Saying I was leaving. Suddenly I looked back and said,

"Listen, you're the only person I've asked this puzzle."

Tears came to my eyes as I spoke. What a shame to cry in front of a donkey like him! I ran downstairs.

I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. Didn't go to the roof for a week. One afternoon I was standing on the verandah when my mother came and said, "Nitu, Zahid is coming to look for you."

Dhuk inside the chest, he really came to find me! There is something that mother cannot be made to understand. I said in a very annoyed manner, "Why is he coming to find me? What does he need with me?"

"What do I need to say? To meet a man, people actually talk like this? Come on, let's meet! I make tea, the boy never comes home!"

Before going in front of him, I combed my hair. I gave Kajal lightly in the eyes. I removed the curtain from the drawing room and peeked and saw that he was sitting with his head down. I went to the front and stood. He said, "Nitu, you look beautiful."

I remained silent.

He said again, "I found the answer to your riddle. I didn't look for you last week because I was puzzled by the answer to the riddle. Do you want to hear the answer?"

I shook my head, no need to hear the answer to the puzzle. This week he was looking for the answer to one of my riddles, tears came to my eyes thinking about it.

"Well, I'll tell you the answer on our wedding night, how?"

I remained silent again. He told me that he loves me more beautifully than I do.

I just said in my throat, "I will never call you a coward again." Published in 2016 in the pencil story collection 'Graphite's Humor'. [Note: To those who want to know the answer to the puzzle, I will not answer the puzzle in the comments. You will find out. If you can't find a cow-hunter, you can knock me out. Help get answers]

Thank you.

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Written by   57
1 month ago
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