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1 week ago

I was shocked to hear that. What does Satin mean? Who else is Satin? I asked my daughter, "Who is Satin? "Oh nothing. You sit down. I'll get the dress. I sat alone in the room for a while. Then my sister-in-law came with a sari and said, "Change it." I changed my sari and sat alone in my room.

After a while my mother-in-law came to my room. She asked me,

"How did you get to know Salman?"

Hearing that, I fell from the sky. I was not ready to hear this. Then I said,

"I haven't seen him yet."

"You mean?"

I did not answer anymore. My mother-in-law asked me,

"Do you know about Salman?"

I said softly,


I was surprised to see my mother-in-law. Then came the call on his mobile. He received. I could not guess who said what from Opash. But the mother-in-law said from the side,

"Yes, I have brought Salman's younger wife home. She is from a poor family. The older two have consented to the marriage."

I could never accept that. I started crying loudly. I told my mother-in-law,

"Is that true?"

My mother-in-law was more surprised than I was. Told me

"Your father knows everything. We talked about marriage as soon as he came to our house. Didn't he tell you anything?"

I can't find an answer to this. Hearing the cries, the two women came into my room together. One of them will be my mother's age. Even if the age of another person is reduced, it will be twenty seven. The mother-in-law pointed to them and said,

"This is Salman's big wife, this is Mejho's wife. And now you are the younger wife."

The girl whom Mejho's wife pointed out to me said with tears in her eyes

"Do you look like you don't know anything? When you see money, you laugh. You are getting married for money. I know everything."

The elder wife said,

"Satin will not live like this. Satin will be like Satin. You have come to this house as a wife as we have come. You have also come as a wife. Do not go beyond your dignity."

The mother-in-law told them,

"Shut up, shut up. The girl is new. Don't treat her like that."

Mejho's wife said to her mother-in-law,

"Don't talk, old lady. Your naughty son has divorced my younger sister. I heard another one is in Dinajpur. The truth is not known. I have no relationship with the people of my father's house because of you. And are you telling me to shut up today?"

The elder wife said,

"You don't know the witch. This old woman is a witch. She will make life unbearable. She will look good first and then bring the real form to the fore."

As soon as I said this, the girl from behind, the girl who called me Bhabhi, the girl my age, grabbed the big wife's hair and pulled it. Said abusively

"Dog, talk about my mother. You have so much courage."

The older wife pulls herself out. Then he cried and said,

"I raised this little girl in my arms. When I came to this house as a wife, this girl just knew how to walk. And today that girl puts her hand on me, on her fiance?"

Then my mother-in-law got up and slapped the elder wife and the middle wife. The two left the room crying. The two of them did not protest. Then my sister-in-law tells me,

"Should I learn these or from them? Be like a wife. And when you see our form on the first day, hopefully you won't have to show it on the second day."

I didn't have any feelings then. I started to cry with tears in my eyes. My mother-in-law snatched the gold pendant from my ear. Then he asked,

"Are these gold?"

My earrings belonged to his mother. I had nothing to give, so on the night before my wedding, my mother took off her earrings and put them on my ears. I answered my mother-in-law's question,


The mother-in-law put the earrings on her daughter's ear and told me,

"The girl from the poor house doesn't have to wear these. Do one more thing, go to the kitchen and bring a broom and sweep the whole house once."

Nanda passed by and said,

"Wait, I'll bring it. You don't have to go."

Twelve to finish the meal at night. My cousin Satin began to explain to me,

There is no happiness in this house. I will never get happiness.

I was shocked. What is he saying!

His words came true when I saw the man returning home drunk at night. My mother-in-law said,

"Here comes your husband. Which."

When I saw the middle-aged man, I recognized him. He used to block my way to and from college. Then one day when he offered me a physical relationship, I refused. That day he told me,

"I'll buy you money."

The drunken man returned home and told me,

"Didn't you show your mind? I bought you for one lakh rupees from your father. I can't show my mind anymore. You are my wife. I will do whatever I want."

The elder wife said, Please don't do anything bad to your daughter. Don't abuse her. She's still a baby. Shut up. You were a kid once. Don't you remember? Did I give you a discount? So I won't give it away.

To be continued..

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Written by   26
1 week ago
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