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Do you know how I discover this thing? Of course not so here I am to tell you how and where I discover this wonderful thing (you don't have a choice, reading this is the only exception Lol!)

One night I am chatting with my friends, one chat from one of them caught my attention. It is a link. Honestly I have no idea what is that thing back then. She forwarded it to me because she knew that I love writing. She explains that it is a platform where I can post my ideas, articles, and any creative content and earn money doing so.

Here's the proof if you don't believe me HAHA...that pagkakitaan word got me Lels

Reasons Why I Love Writing

Once upon a time there was a kid who love to read books. He always want his mother to read a book when he still can't read. This is the main reason why he always want to learn how to read. And of course that kid is me!

One day I found a little notebook in an abandoned place. And the moment I opened it I got curious. How the fuck he/she made that kind of cute story. That story is short but remarkable. Theres a drawing every pages so that I got really hooked. So that moment I decided to write my own story in a pieces of paper then the rest is history!

Until now I am still writing. Actually I am an aspiring writer on wattpad. I write tagalog novels because I am not that good in english(Honestly I am struggling right now Lol). I have 100 plus followers on that platform and I am happy about that. If you are interested, you can follow me here @dionmarcliman—this username is a combination of my parents name and surname.

As a First Timer...

As a newbie here I still have so many things to learn. And here is my first post so this is not that perfect. I hope everyone understands me. As I said earlier I'm not that fluent in english. I am struggling because I am so conscious about my grammar. I really don't know if it is good or not. Actually I can't show my witty side that much in english. I'll try to post tagalog next time for me to be more confident. But right now I need to improve my english grammar so I really need to try my best in this language.

As a first time user I really need your support. At first I only registered here because I really need money to help my parents (I am still a college student so I don't have any money source except them huhu), but I realize that, money is not the only thing why I am here. I love writing and I want to use it to inspire others. I want my words to be a motivation for everyone here. I can wite story, poems and so on here.

Get ready to know more about me SOON!!

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