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Exporting Information

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11 months ago

Series: Journey to the BCH East
Part 4

Over the week, I’ve helped George who runs biz dev for Bitcoin ABC become a part of the Chinese BCH WeChat community. I've also connected George to the admin of the BCH WeChat Groups (run by a person from Matrixport, Bitmain's Financial arm), as well as Chloe who manages the official WeChat account with Kirk. This is important because now, translated documents from Bitcoin ABC can be immediately disseminated to the Chinese BCH community with minimal lag time.

Identifying Specific Points of Information Asymmetry

As I’m now immersed in the Chinese BCH community now via WeChat, Weibo and 一直播, I've been trying to identify specific points of information asymmetry. In simple terms, what is good about the English-speaking BCH community that we should share with the Chinese speaking BCH community and vice versa.

From what I've seen, the English speaking BCH community seems to place a larger emphasis on privacy as an option when buying/selling and using BCH. For example, an existing Mandarin guide for purchasing BCH I've found advises newbies to use Huobi, a large crypto exchange in China that has now launched a transaction monitor to freeze suspicious account activity. Not exactly ideal...

Solving the Problem With an Information Export

Thus, I worked with my bilingual team to create a Mandarin guide for buying BCH anonymously with that I have disseminated to the Chinese speaking BCH community. Problem solved.

As time progresses, I will continue to share what is good from the English BCH communities with the Chinese speaking one and vice versa. I also plan to interview the Chinese speaking BCH businesses to learn about them and help build more business ties with our English speaking BCH businesses.

Anyway, if you are a part of the English speaking BCH community and want to be a part of the Chinese BCH WeChat community, just let me know and I'll help connect you. Or if you need documents translated into Mandarin, I can get that arranged. You can pay in BCH and the money I make will be used to build even more ties between the Chinese and English BCH communities.

Read part 3 here.

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Written by   18
11 months ago
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