The Secret to Eternal Happiness

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As a mother of 4 boys, a wife, a woman, a daughter...time is never enough...

Enough for what?? For everything I think I should do today. Stupid impossible goals we set to ourselves everyday. Choices must be made.

This school year Fridays are my "day off". Meaning that all other days my kids have different schedule in school, so I have to make lunch at 12 and drive one, again lunch at 13.45 when I get the other and have something ready when the other ends University homeschooling

Only on Fridays - this year, last year was Tuesdays - I have several hours "off"

This is HUGE!!! My day seems to stretch to infinity 😂

And - after hanging 3 loads of clothes, shopping for groceries, making 5 fresh ckean beds, tending garden...- there I GO!!!

Even with my "mummify" left foot ( I twisted my ankle really hard only 3 weeks ago, still using a bandage) I grab a pic-nick - 1 banana and a bag with caju and sunflower seeds - and I walk 6 km to the biggest lagoon outside the village.

I have to walk carefully still, every bad step and my foot "hammers" me, the pain goes up from the ankle to the tight. No way I can run or jog yet. But I need to do this!!!

Yes!!! This is my "ME TIME"

Today we have a chilly wind, blowing lil waves in the Lagoon, the sounds are amazing - waves, the wind in the trees, the birds...ohhhhh and the smell!!!! So Good!!!

Today I came here, sometimes I would walk the opposite side, to the Atlantic Ocean, that's an amazing walk too, but the beaches are still closed because of Covid-19

So... back to the title and my main reason to write this article:

The Secret to Eternal Happiness is...YOU FIRST!!!!! (In this case ME 😂)

This is where I get my happiness. But each person has a different place. Pick something that makes you happy and do it

Now I open my account and I read, among so many other notifications: We wanted to give you more tips but we see you aren't using it 🙈

I mean...sure I feel a lil guilty!!! I have to return all the Love and Support. And I will. And I will get my boys from school in a while and I will be a good mom.

Because no one can "Pour from a empty cup" !!!

I keep telling my Beautiful Princess Virtual Daughter and my BunsoPrincess this. What ever you do, YOU FIRST!!!

You can't Smile if you're tired. Your can't make anyone else happy if you are in pain

Only when you are happy you can Give Happiness.

Only when you are at Peace you can help others

Lessons hard learned after almost 50 years trying hard to be there for everyone... except myself

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