That's Your Lot- Crypto News Round Up, Feb. 9th

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Would You Rather: No effective vaccine for covid or No bitcoin in your portfolio? 

While yesterday's spotlight was firmly focused on Bitcoin's ascent towards $50k, today Ethereum took centre stage as it broke past $1,800 for the first time. High transaction fees, scaling issues and numerous emerging competitors are all genuine issues but Ethereum has shaken them off for now and retains the title of most used blockchain in the world. 

Bitcoin marketplace KeepChange was the victim of an attempted hack. While it managed to avoid the theft of any bitcoin, customer data has been compromised and withdrawal requests have been suspended for the time being.

Nine plots of digital land have been sold for $1.5 million (888 ETH) in the largest NFT sale of all time. The sale occurred on the blockchain game Axie Infinity and represents further evidence of the monumental growth occurring in the NFT space at the moment. Such digital spaces are seen to have incredible potential for future economic value- I'm sure the buyer certainly hopes so anyway. 

From the light entertainment side of crypto to the dark murder-for hire side. A woman has been charged in the U.S. with attempting to arrange a murder over the dark web with a promise of payment in bitcoin for the would-be murderer. 

Unstoppable Domains are solidifying their place in the crypto world. OKEx has become the latest exchange to integrate support for the 'one address fits all' service provided by Unstoppable Domains. Text string addresses are seen as a potential obstacle to mainstream adoption of crypto with some believing the average punter is turned off by traditional string addresses which are more prone to error than the aesthetically pleasing and succinct .crypto or .zil domain name which can be chosen by the user.

An interesting project from Umbrel is now making it easier than ever for anyone to run their own bitcoin node. The previously arduous and tech intensive task has been massively simplified for the general bitcoin user as Umbrel helps to spread widespread adoption. Could this be the real explanation for Jack's tweet the other day?

The issue of censorship doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon as U.S. lawmakers have questioned the CEOs of Tron and Dlive on how they plan to combat "extremist content" from being broadcast on Dlive in the future. From the viewpoint of much of the world this would require the platform to prevent the streaming and promotion of House and Senate proceedings in the future. We can only hope. 

And finally, CNBC's Jim Cramer has told Firms what I've been telling my friends for years now: "It's almost irresponisble not to buy Bitcoin"

Don't be irresponsible, buy bitcoin.

Right, that's your lot. 


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