That's Your Lot- Crypto News Round Up, Feb. 8th

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Some old guy called Tom Bradley caught another Superb Owl, beating off a number of younger challengers to the claim as I understand it. Well done Mr. Bradley but the spotlight has been swiftly taken away by another 'B'.

Bitcoin soared to a new all time high of over $47k today (currently just under at time of writing) on the back of a Tesla announcement that they had purchased $1.5 BILLION worth and will be accepting bitcoin as payment in the future. The news brought disruption to many top crypto exchanges including Binance. The Elon influence cannot be understated it would seem. Congratulations to all hodlers on another milestone, one of many to come.

Not everyone was convinced this was the right move however as long time Tesla investor and former Goldman Sachs executive Gary Black cited "risky capital allocation" as part of his motivation for exiting his investment position in the company. Your loss Gary, we'll call you from the Tesla-Lambo factory on Mars.

While cryptocurrencies have been experiencing impressive gains over the last twelve months, some forward thinking crypto related companies have managed to ride the coattails. If you can't bring yourself to invest in crypto directly the smart move is to at least invest in crypto related industries.

Second only to Mr. Elon Tusk himself in terms of how frequently he appears in crypto news headlines, Miami's Mayor Francis Suarez is in the news again. He is looking to bring forward a resolution that would invest city funds directly into Bitcoin.  

In China, the country's Blockchain Based Service Network announced it will integrate with Casper Network (a blockchain fork from Ethereum). This is huge news for a company seen as one of the possible competitors to Ethereum.

An Apple Crypto Exchange could be a reality sooner than you think. Analysts from RBC, the largest bank in Canada have advised just that. You know what they say- no smoke without fire. Companies such as Apple may now begin to scramble to get their foot firmly in the crypto door as no one will want to be left behind. Things continue to shape up very interestingly for crypto enthusiasts, hard to believe its only February. Institutional adoption continues apace as Castle Island Ventures announced the launch of its second crypto venture fund.

Right, that's your lot. I wonder what Friday will look like....

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