That's Your Lot- Crypto News Round Up, Feb. 7th

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A quick-fire weekend round up before we all become glued to the Super Bowl waiting for the rumoured Dogecoin ad.

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) is the latest high profile celebrity to enter the world of NFTs. He auctioned it on Zora and tweeted his enthusiasm for doing future projects. Justin  Roiland of Adventure Time and Rick and Morty fame recently auctioned some of his work with a drop on Nifty Gateway. It wasn't just Mike who expressed his admiration for crypto over the weekend as Snoop Dogg contributed to the #DogecoinRise with a tweet

 In addition, Mexico's second wealthiest man followed in Elon's footsteps by changing his twitter bio to "Bitcoin".

There have been an abundance of criminal cases related to cryptocurrency recently. The latest has seen a Serbian man extradited to the US, charged with robbing investors of more than $70 million.

The mayor of Miami is well known for his crypto friendly stance at this stage and continues to promote his city as the future home of crypto by suggesting Miami will have the most progressive crypto laws.

In stark contrast to Miami, the country of Nigeria reiterated a 2017 stance which essentially outlaws crypto in the country. The Nigerian central bank insists crypto is not considered legal tender there. This will be seen as a huge blow to crypto adoption in the African nation which is known to be one of the fastest adopters of crypto on the continent.

An interesting new Defi platform known as Premia was launched by a semi anonymous group of developers known as The Anon Powered Development Team.

In market news Bitcoin broke $40,000 before correcting while Ethereum hit a new all time high before also correcting, currently sitting around $1,600. Alt-coin season seems to be here with some incredible gains over the last few days and yet another sensational pump of The People's Crypto- Dogecoin. Doge currently sitting just under $0.08. Go, dog(e) go!

Right, that's your lot. Enjoy the Superb Owl and most of all the Doge commercial. 

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