That's Your Lot- Crypto News Round Up, Feb. 4th

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Missed a day yesterday as we lost a true gentleman and a character. RIP Uncle Tony. 

Elon Musk had suggested he would be off twitter for a while only to return to shill Dogecoin yet again. It has resulted in yet another pump of the meme coin which is determined to meme itself to the moon. As Elon himself has previously stated the most entertaining outcome is often the most likely and Doge attaining alt-coin dominance would certainly be entertaining. Go dog(e), go!

Some good news for the XRP community as Japanese lending firm SBI has added it to its lending service. Despite a controversial lawsuit with the SEC in the US, XRP may see its future in the global market with SBI previously confirming XRP is seen as a crypto asset and not a security in Japan.

Crypto and non-crypto markets continue to soar with Ethereum hitting all time highs and Bitcoin approaching the same. The dreaded 'B' word is starting to rear its ugly head however as investors start to wonder if current trends are sustainable. 

Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) claims to have made $10 billion since entering the crypto industry in 2018. Leaves you wondering what did he do that I didn't? Fair play Sam.

Ethereum transaction fees hit a record high, averaging over $20 per transaction. This reflects growing demand in the Defi sector. High transaction fees are one of the main drawbacks of Ethereum which competitors have focused on improving. 

Right, That's Your Lot.

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