That's Your Lot-Crypto News Round Up, Feb. 17th

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Couldn't update yesterday as I was too full of pancakes. Do countries other than Ireland and the U.K. celebrate Pancake Tuesday? Today I've dirtied my forehead with ash and I'm ready to go. 

A German cannabis company is joining the likes of Tesla by moving some of its cash holdings to Bitcoin. SynBiotic SE made the decision as a hedge against a massive devaluation of fiat currencies in the future. Welcome to the party guys, nice to know we've got some gracious bud on the side of decentralisation. Is cannabis legal in Germany? News to me if it is.

There was more bad news for Indian crypto traders as a senior finance ministry official revealed plans to tax exchanges and traders before introducing a ban on crypto assets. This move would certainly ad insult to injury should crypto assets be banned outright in the country. 

Punk 1651 of the CryptoPunk NFT collection sold for a six figure sum. CryptoPunks are famous for being the first NFTs on Ethereum and are beginning to sell for hefty sums despite their simplicity in design. 

The Nasdaq Private Market values Coinbase at $77 billion. The valuation is based on trading of the company's private shares before its highly anticipated public offering in the coming months. 

The world's largest asset manager Blackrock has finally admitted entering the crypto space. 

The US Department of Justice charged three North Korean military hackers over a number of cyber attacks perpetrated since 2017. It is believed the attackers are responsible for stealing up to $1.3 billion in cyber attacks. 

Bitcoin's latest upgrade is scheduled to begin activation this July. Taproot is set to be the blockchain's biggest upgrade since SegWit. Despite increased certainty on the timeline the finer details of the upgrade are still being ironed out.

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