That's Your Lot-Crypto News Round Up, Feb. 15th

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It's been a while......

In the burgeoning Crypto Art space, graphic designer David Rudnick sold a Valentine's Day NFT for nearly $20k. Rudnick sold the piece on Zora- a "marketplace to buy, sell and trade limited-edition goods" which is well worth checking out for anyone interested in NFTs. 

Crypto enthusiasts and bag holders were feeling the love over the Valentines Day weekend as both Bitcoin and Ethereum recorded new all time highs. Bitcoin flirted with the $50k target while earlier on in the weekend Ethereum broke past $1,800. Both assets and the market in general has corrected since but overall things continue to look positive for crypto in 2021. 

In other record breaking news, bitcoin miners recorded $354 million in revenue last week which breaks the previous record from 2017. 

It wasn't all happy news however as apparently more than $1.87 billion was liquidated in the futures market as a result of bitcoin not breaking the $50k target. 

Institutional adoption of crypto continues to accelerate worldwide. Japanese firm SBI is looking to make crypto a core revenue stream. SBI are reportedly in talks with foreign financial firms about a joint venture. SBI previously got involved in crypto lending and recently announced plans to add XRP to this service. 

UK crypto exchange EXMO was the victim of a DDoS attack, having previously been targeted back in December.The number of attacks reported on crypto exchanges recently coupled with numerous court cases for fraud is certainly worrying.  

Right, that's your lot. Have a great week. And remember if the weather is nice, try to get outside.

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