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Entrepreneur and Crypto enthusiast Trevor Owens announced the launch of the Stacks Accelerator Fund via a Crowdcast stream, Tuesday, April 13th. The news comes as the price of Stacks native token (STX) continues to grow in the aftermath of the February announcement that it would be listed on Korean Exchange, Upbit. This latest project aims to accelerate funding for builders and developers on Stacks to help them be successful. Some of the projects built on Stacks to date include the communication suite Pravica, data collection and sharing service Block Survey and the STX NFT wallet Boom

The Stacks Accelerator Fund was founded by four of the organisations in the Stacks Ecosystem; The Stacks FoundationHiroDaemon Technologies and Freehold. It is a $4 million evergreen fund with 80% of returns going back to the fund in order to invest in more projects building on Stacks. What do you get if you are successful in applying for the fund? 

  • Elite network - mentors, investors, entrepreneurs, developers 

  • Hands on support

  • Capital to grow

In terms of the mentors and speakers you will have access to, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words:


And in terms of investors: 


For successful applicants to the Stacks Accelerator Fund the programme will be in three parts:

  • May 2021 - Product Development Camp

  • June 2021 - Pitching and Fundraising Camp

  • July 2021 - Launch Week and Demo Day

The fund offers up to $50k in investment and is looking for teams solving real world problems, building high-stakes products, projects uniquely suited for Stacks as well as driven founders with a proven history. Both well established and fledgling companies are invited to apply. If this sounds like an opportunity you or your team would like to avail of apply by May 14th at


Stacks aims to bring smart contracts and decentralised applications to Bitcoin through its unique Proof-of-Transfer (PoX) mining/Stacking consensus and Clarity smart contract language. It is possible to earn BTC rewards for simply buying and holding STX tokens. Find out how in the links below and happy stacking!

To learn more about the Stacks project go here:

Full announcement here:

Useful Videos:

Stacks Hiro Wallet Tutorial:

Where and How To Buy Stacks Token:  



Helpful Crypto links:

Earn $BTC and $STX with The Freehold Community:​ (Referral code: VMT19)

OKCOIN- Custodial Stacking options (Stack $STX Earn $BTC):

Binance (Trade $STX):  


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