Hadouken! Street Fighter Trading Cards on WAX

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3 years ago

Today marks the release of Capcom's first venture into the world of NFTs. The Gaming developers will be releasing Street Fighter trading card decks for a limited 24 hour period starting at 12pm EST. For the release they have teamed up with WAX Cloud Wallet so those wishing to purchase will have to make sure to have a Wax account. Purchases however, can only be made with credit card and not with WAX tokens.

Collectors can buy, sell, and trade Street Fighter digital trading cards. Each NFT trades on the WAX Blockchain which means that they are certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered. From the official website: Start by opening packs of Build Cards, then combine two matching Build Cards to unlock a new card with one of six rarities. Continue upgrading that card's power score by adding additional Build Cards. Once you reach a power score of five, you unlock a special Class Card in one of 6 rarities. Build cards are burned when used, which increases card scarcity and value. Because Street Fighter NFTs are built using WAX Blockchain technology, you can not only buy and sell digital Street Fighter trading cards on a number of marketplaces - you can also instantly trade cards from your collection. 

This signals the entry of a major player into the world of NFT trading cards and could be the beginning of a massive surge int the space by the likes of Capcom and other big name game developers. 

Will you be buying any decks when they are released? Which fighter would you most like to get in your pack. I've always been a Zangief man myself.

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