Love Wins

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2 years ago

Some people do discriminate Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders. We are also human beings born in this world who knows how to love and we also have the right who we wanted to love and most of all we are entitled of being loved as well. People judges us with our personality. But how can they judge without looking themselves at the mirror and asking themselves if they are clean and has no bad attitudes behind their fancy and good looking clothes. Being different in this world is not a sin nor a reason to be discriminated. We have our equal rights. We all had the right to be born in the first place. It is not our fault that we are feeling different in this world. For me, being different is fantastic and courageous. Love definitely wins for all of us. It is not a hindrance for two people with the same sexes to fall in love with each other and have a family of their own. We, as human beings born on the same world that we are living in right now, do not have the right to judge one another nor point fingers. If we certainly do not want this kind of people, then what we can do is to leave them alone and let them who they wanted to be. As long as they are not crashing at someone else's shoes then we do not need to hurt them nor their feelings at all. We can hate them nor love them neither way of the road but we do not have the right to hurt them. Each and every people on this earth is unique and special so treat each and everyone special even though we do not know each other. Simple HI and HELLO does help. Believe me. You know why? Because I am one of those different person in the world.

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