Give and Take

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2 years ago

I have had many relationships in the past and I can say that nothing compares to the one that I have at the moment. I have been through hard times and my past relationships cannot extend a hand. They can help me but not to the extend that they will do it on their own. Instead, they will borrow money from various people and use my name. It really hurts that they just needed you not for love but for the money that you can work on.

I am so blessed to have my partner now. Even though we are far from each other, we make sure that we still have time for each other despite our busy schedules. Having a partner who is far from you is very difficult as you cannot comfort each other in times of trouble and in sickness. However, we just make sure that everything between us is as good as it can get. We do argue sometimes and that is normal. What we do to strengthen and broaden our relationship is to understand each others imperfections. Once imperfection is not a reason to find someone else who can fulfill that imperfection. If I am unable to make a video call then my partner would be the one to reach out for me and vice versa. We always do "give and take" routines to keep our relationship more stable and full of happiness.

Being in love does not mean that you will not get hurt. Of course! There will still be time that you will get hurt, but, as long as you understand each other then there will be no problem with your relationship. The best thing that anyone can give to their partners is understanding. Everyday is not a fairy tale with a happy ending. We need to face each and everyday full of courage and love and most of all we must give and take for each other to work.

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