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2 years ago

This is the feeling that everybody undergoes when something hits them so hard and they are hardened to get up. Usually too much depression may lead to suicide. At some point, most depressed persons are those who are in a deep dept. Facing the struggle of paying their bills on time. Depression is felt especially in times of crisis.

For some instances, depression may occur mostly to teenagers and those who had fallen in love so deeply and when they encountered heart breaks then they suddenly break down and commit suicide. So please, to our dear parents, please talk to your children if you have noticed something weird and different about their behaviors and actions. Cause talking to them as they are trying to open up their problems can save them from depression.

For those people that is encountering depression in this pandemic season, I strongly advice that you keep yourself busy and talk to your friends and family members. Try to open your problems and reach out to someone that can listen to your queries. Never hesitate to talk about your everyday life. It may help you dismantle depression.

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