Your Time Is Way Too Valuable To Be Wasting On People That Can't Accept Who You Are

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You know, most people say they want something; they want to be great; they want an opportunity; they want leadership; but then when the opportunities start to come, they wilt. The reason why most people bail on the world is because they don't believe they can live up to the standard. They don't want to even face the idea that perhaps everything that I've said was just talk. Because when the opportunity comes, you've got to seize it.

You have to go after it. If the ball falls and hits the ground, you've got to be the person that goes out. It's not by strength, it's not by design. It's not by height. It's my desire to go after energy. You wanted it, now prove it. No matter what you face. No matter how bad it is going to be, there is a challenge. And by a challenge, I mean anything in life, any difficulty, or any difficulty that you are facing.

The only way to overcome the difficulties you face is to begin walking. Every day, take that step. Whatever the situation, get up and start walking. What was it that you looked at at some point and decided you couldn't do it? That you talked yourself out of it.

Whatever it is, bring it back out there because there are enough things coming after your confidence There are no vampires trying to suck it out of you through bad relationships, bad parenting, or family members, and there are times you're going to have to separate yourself from everyone that wants to stop you from being great, regardless of how close they were to you previously.

If you want the future that is really yours, you've got to separate yourself from those who are trying to separate you from your dreams so you don't get in life what you want, ladies and gentlemen. This is about subtraction and addition. You are adding yourself to a circle that is about absolutely motivating you to be more. But what are you leaving out if you're leaving out responsibility? and the answer might be.

Maybe you're leaving out the meaning of life. That's what it looks like to me It's like here you are suffering away. What makes it worthwhile? responsibility. That's what gives life meaning. It's like lifting a load. Then you can tolerate yourself, right? Because, look at how useless you are. If you are easily hurt or easily killed, why should you have any self-respect? At least I could pick that up and carry it. Make it heavy enough for you to think, "Yeah, well, as little as I am, I could at least move that from there to there."

See, the good news is that we can always become more by working to develop ourselves, so in the first process of making this your decade, you've got to begin to take a look at your life and look at where you are right now. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What brings you fulfilment and joy in life? What does a full, rich life mean to you? So what is it that you could love doing seven days a week that'll bring a smile to your face? The rest of us can only see the potential, but you can't teach a kid to ride a bike out of Seminar.

I can teach you by speaking to you. I have to speak to your spirit and your will to get up and tell you to go get it. You've got to have such a desire that you can, no matter what happens, get into it. even if it means you've got to spend an extra year. You have to realise that being delayed is not being denied, that what you are experiencing by being delayed is just a greater gratitude when you get it. You're a damn fighter. Fight for it. I don't care how many times.

You've been knocked down all the time, like a picture in your damn mouth, but you're still alive, breathing, and standing. Go get one. Get to work on yours. The fight ain't over, man. I'm not going to town. When you don't pursue your goal, you're committing spiritual suicide. When you have some goal out here that you're stretching for and reaching for, that takes you out of your comfort zone.

You'll find some talents and abilities you have that you didn't know you had, because when you finally get your hands around success, that deep breath, that sense of satisfaction. That goal achieved, that's what people admire, more because you wanted it. You want it. You fantasise about it. You wanted it. And now you walk into it and there is nothing more beautiful than a dream. because I am the dreamer of dreams.

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