Your Mindset Is Everything

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Mother always tells me this, you should love yourself just the way you are.

How many heard that from your therapist?

You should love yourself just the way you are but what if you're not the way you should be, there are going to be thousands of people that line up to lie to you don't be at the front of the line dreams do not come true without action and they also don't come true without giving up something, you can't have the dream and stay where you are.

Confidence, courage, resilience these are all things that are inside you and you don't build this stuff in the high moments you build your confidence and your courage and your resilience in the low moments, it's like steel it's forged in the fire of your life and so even in those moments where you feel like life is punching you in the face and you just want to give up and you have that like, I can't handle this anymore and why does this keep happening to me?

I am telling you, do not give up because you are building your inner strength every step of the way through these experiences that you're facing in your life.

I'm not saying it's fair I'm not saying you deserve it I'm saying you have the power within you to face whatever you're dealing with to find your strength and to actually change yourself and the situation and the trajectory that you're on for the better.

You want to win, you want to be a millionaire, you got to quit being so casual you walk slowly you talk slow you implement things slow you talk a good game like you're gonna be somebody like you're gonna make hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can't even write a note down business is a sport it's competitive you gotta get focused I've seen all kinds of cool guys my whole career.

Cool guys go broke, cool guys have little flashes in the pan they have a good two or three years of players who implement a strategy to get focused and intense they win decades they win multiple championships you meet somebody wealthy their family at one point was not wealthy and then the one shows up.

The one person who shapes the family tree forever in my family I'm the one, and it was because I wanted it or I hoped for it I fought for it so, when I first started watching motivational speaking you got les brown zig Ziglar right I'm not better than them I just get up at 3.00 o'clock I'm not the best I'm doing stuff they ain't doing separate yourself.

You playing against other teams and you're doing the exact same thing other 18-year-olds doing other 19 years doing other 20 years you're doing exactly what they're doing separate yourself I'm number one in the world I'm still doing a free program every day why because I'm separating myself. this summer, I put out free stuff for kids for three straight months to separate themselves.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

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