This Is My Opportunity To Prove Myself

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Humans are the ultimate adaptation machines. By doing something repetitively, you will get better at it. That is the nature of being a human and that is how we've become the apex predator.

You don't have to believe that you're special or different. You simply have to believe you are a human. Now it becomes, how tenacious are you?

Do you have the willingness to bend over backward to break yourself in half to bleed for the thing that you want to do?

Can you grind so hard that other people think you are literally out of your mind, and are you ready?

Can you find a way to love that process?

Can you love it as much as you love your significant other?

Can you love it as much as you love cheesecake?

I'm telling you that the reason that I've been able to do what I've been able to do is because I love that process and I have built into my ego a love of staring at my inadequacies, a love of knowing that I'm going to show up when other people don't, a love of wanting the ball and not being afraid to fail, of falling on my face and knowing I will look at what it was that caused me to fall on my face, and because I love that process, I get a neurochemical response, the kind of thing that people get from eating a bowl of ice cream.

I've trained myself to get out of pushing myself long past pain and boredom. All of that, those are some of my most joyful moments because I've built that into my system. Once you do that, you will become truly unstoppable. Self-doubt will crumble in the face of that.

The next time you're feeling frustrated, you're feeling defeated, you're feeling like giving up, tell yourself it's the best because now is your chance to show yourself and the world what you're made of.

The next time you're stuck at a red light and you're frustrated, you're complaining that it's the best The next time you're working out and you feel like you're on your last set and your lungs are on fire and you can't push again, it's the best.

The next time you're frustrated in business and you're not getting the sales you need and feel like waking up every day and there's no momentum, it's the best. It's the best.

This is your chance because you grow through challenges, and this is the next challenge in front of me that I am going to grow through.

It's not that you want negativity to happen; you want there to be controversy; you want chaos to happen; you want your competitors to go out of business; you want it to be difficult. It's not that it's that that's your chance to win.

This is my opportunity to prove to myself and the world what I'm made of while everybody else is ahead of you and complaining. That's your chance to win.

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