The Most Significant Conversations Of Our Lives Occur In Silence

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This is a new day because I am changing, as are you. We are developing something unique here. It's got an atmosphere when you come in. You hear a message like this when you put yourself under these types of words and you hear the surroundings of people who believe like you believe. Iron will sharpen iron the problem is, most of us have been putting ourselves in an environment where iron has been going against wood.

Before any action or any inaction, ask yourself this question: Is this action going to make me stronger or weaker? Do not lie to yourself. You have to tell yourself the truth, but the truth is you have time, you have the skill, you have the knowledge, and the support and the willpower and the discipline to get it done.

At a certain point, like eliminating the outcome, stop being driven by rewards, stop being driven by outcome, stop being driven by if I get this, I'm going to do this for work, and if you don't get what you expected, show up and keep working. What's more important. what you acquire or who you become? The longer we stay in the woods, being superior in a place where we've already outgrown it, the duller we will become when the opportunity comes.

When something fresh, someone new, someone that reminds us of what we used to be, someone that had passion, someone that had purpose in themselves comes, you'll see iron again and you won't be able to give them what they can give. You can miss a moment because you don't sharpen yourself against iron. Iron must always seek out iron, which must always seek out an opportunity.

Many people believe that the things they acquire are what define them. It's who you become and the process of chasing what you want to acquire rightly changes expectations for appreciation of things that didn't turn out the way you wanted them to turn out, but most importantly, how you approach it and eliminate the outcome right Just go forward, work, go to work.

The thought of who we want to become should produce the feeling of it instantaneously. In other words, the thought of your future should produce the feeling that it has already happened instead of the feeling of lack because it hasn't happened. How many people understand that? That's where your attention and your energy have been I'm telling you it doesn't matter what you believe in. It doesn't matter.

What you consumeI don't care, it doesn't matter. I've always seen it, so then the thought of our future, if we're doing this properly, should produce the feeling that it has already happened. If the thought of your future produces the lack that it hasn't happened, you're still in your past and nothing is going to change. The truth is that the ones that really meet the greatest version of themselves are the ones that really live the greatest life.

They never arrive, they understand that life is not about arriving at a destination, life is about progressing through the journey. I just really don't think about things for me. It's simply that this is something that is important to get done and we should just keep doing it or die trying. I don't need a source of strength. It's not in my nature. I don't care whether you're optimistic or pessimistic; we'll get it done.

How do you overcome the suffering of life? You know, that's how you do it. Well, that's hard, it takes responsibility, and I think you know, if you said to someone you want to have a meaningful life, everything you do matters, but everything you do matters, you're going to have to carry with you.

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