The Last Dragon

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10 months ago

In a land far, far down, there lived a youthful queen named Elara. She was a kind and valorous woman, with a fierce determination to do what was right.

One day, a terrible scuttlebutt spread throughout the area. It was said that the last dragon in the land had been spotted, and it was wreaking annihilation on the country. The people were scarified, and prayed the queen to do commodity about it.

Determined to cover her people, Elara set out on a hunt to find the dragon and master it. She traveled far and wide, facing numerous troubles along the way. But no matter how delicate the challenges she faced, Elara noway gave up.

Eventually, after numerous months of searching, Elara came upon the dragon's lair. She drew her brand and prepared to do battle, but to her surprise, the dragon spoke to her.

" Why do you seek to slay me, queen?" it asked." I'm the last of my kind, and I've caused no detriment to your area."

Elara was shocked. She had noway heard of a dragon that could speak, let alone one that was peaceful. She lowered her brand and heeded as the dragon explained that it had been cursed by an evil conjurer , causing it to lose control of its conduct.

Feeling sympathy for the dragon, Elara pledged to help break the curse. She searched the area for a way to reverse the spell, and eventually set up an ancient scroll that contained the information she demanded.

With the help of the dragon, Elara was suitable to break the curse and restore the beast to its true form a kind and noble critter.

In gratefulness, the dragon offered to serve as Elara's protection, and she reluctantly accepted. Together, they worked to bring peace and substance to the area, and they were flashed back as the idol who saved the last dragon.

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10 months ago