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Rich men at the golfcourse - funny Reddit story #3

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6 months ago

Hi everyone!

Rich men at the golf course - funny Reddit story

So near my school is a golf course and one day, we decided to go to the golf course for a school trip. There was no pavement (sidewalk) so we had to walk on the road lol.

Suddenly we hear this revving behind us so we stand on the side of the road to let the car go past. The car purposely drives slowly while revving its engine. It's an expensive low-riding car so I assume it was doing it to show off?

Anyways I was already in a bad mood and you could get away with pretty much anything at that school so I just decide to flip the car off. Someone that was from another class actually congratulated me for pulling the sneaky move.

Anyways we keep on walkin' and when we are right outside the golf course, this BMW drives by. He is also driving slowly. The man inside is like the businessy businessman type like the "click here to become an entrepreneur" type. He lowers his head, stares forward at us, and just sorta puts his finger up as well?!

I couldn't tell whether he was giving me a thumbs up or flipping me off as well but it was super funny looking back at it.

The same person who congratulated me for flipping off the other rich guy said that the BMW guy had a bad vibe and I couldn't help but agree with them.

I get this story in a funny Reddit story posted by u/Hesanabsoluteshitbag

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Written by   29
6 months ago
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