Laziness Is Your Biggest Enemy

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A lion raised in captivity has never been in the wild, all of his experiences have been in the cage if of his experiences have been in the cage and that would be his natural habitat to him.

Then why do they lock the cage?

They lock the cage because even though his experiences do not validate it his instincts tell him there's something else out there and the reason so many of us are frustrated today is that we are pacing around in the cage of a job or a life or a situation that has limited us.

We may not have the background for it, we may not have the training for it but our instincts tell us we belong out there.

I can't deal with people who cannot pick up the pace success is never an accident and if you don't want it get out of my way because some people want to do something with their life who will run, you have to run after what's in front of you I'd rather try and fail than not try at all I'm going to go for it come hell or high water I'm going after my destiny you got to run after your destiny, you can't stroll after your destiny you got to run.

Why am I so concerned about,

What do they think?

it's not what they think that makes me or breaks me it's who and what I think about myself that determines my destiny stop settling, for less you deserve the best you do not deserve the usual, you got to shut other people off guess what?

It's their opinion of you and their opinion of you does not shake what you should have it doesn't shake what you can do it can't shape what you can be.

It's just their opinion, what's going to shape you?

What's going to change your life?

What's going to revolutionize who you are?

Are you following your heart, following your passion?

I know exactly who I am I don't need you to define me, I don't need you to validate me, I don't need you to help me and if you clap for me, it's good but if you don't, I'm ok because I am living my life right on purpose.

You got to ask yourself a serious question if I wasn't a scary cat if I wasn't afraid if I wasn't fearful, what more could I accomplish?

What more could I have?

It's not your past that determines your present and determines your future if you saying I'm going to make the rest of my life the best of my life so forget the mistakes forget to pass and again make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

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I've been very lazy once, afraid of coming out my cage which I thi k was the best for me, no harm, good food, good shelter. Then I realised thya I'm not happy, I wanted something so bad and it wa snot in the cglage so with all. My might, I broke it and I'm finally free. Now I'm chasing the dream that I had and I'm feeling happy like I've never been.

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