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Have you all ever heard the story about Ferrari and Lamborghini, the guy whose last name is Lamborghini he wasn't a car manufacturer. he was a man who owned tractors but he drove Ferrari's and he went up to the Ferrari man because he knew something about engine parts.

He made a suggestion to the Ferrari man about how his cars could be a little better and the man who drove the Ferrari, who owned the Ferrari company looked at the tractor man said, your advice is not important because see, sometimes you don't understand that there are Ferrari people now but you have a Lamborghini destiny and what he did is instead of arguing with the man who owned Ferrari.

He went and created the Lamborghini and fixed what was broken in the Ferrari and in that, let me tell you something some of you all keep arguing Ferrari, would you just become Lamborghini?

You've been arguing with the Ferrari can you just become Lamborghini? in other words why are you arguing with people trying to convince them of your destiny would you just do something and would you just start something so, that you can give all of us an alternative do you know you can be just as fast, you could be just as beautiful, you could be just as durable if you do something.

The only reason why Lamborghini is here now is because he did what Ferrari wouldn't listen to, no matter what you've gone through no matter how hard it was all of it was shaping you into the person that you can become the hardships, the difficulties, the pain, the suffering all of that makes you tougher it is literally in the difficulties that you begin to find just how much you're capable of it's in the suffering that you find out how resilient you are.

It's in the pain that you can rise up and get tough, you have to know that whatever you've been through that all of it is an opportunity to learn all of it is an opportunity to grow all of it is an opportunity to get better but you have to use it to shape yourself.

You have to lean into it you have to know that the pain and the suffering all of it is serving you even when you're running and you stumble and your trip and you scrape yourself all across the pavement you're still moving forward, as long as you get back up dust yourself off and keep going it doesn't matter that you felt,

What do you want? because if you don't know what you want and you're watching me nothing else matters but when you know what you want e why do you wake up at three? because I know what I want and so when people ask me Et, where your passion comes from? where your drive comes from? I know what I want.

Every single day I wake up and I go pursue it every single day I'm talking about knowing what you want because when you know what you want that's where the drive comes from that's where the passion comes from.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

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Knowing what we want and not just copying our friends and other peers is really important. Each of us has different purpose so it's important that we really reflect on ourselves our true purpose and what will make us happy and satisfied.

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