I'm Destined To Win

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You do whatever you need to do to survive. You have to think the way everybody else doesn't otherwise you're just going to produce ordinary results, and the world is full of ordinary people full of organic people you know how they love to say you know "greatness is inside all of us" you know what it is true greatness is inside all of us but for most individuals, that's where it stays.

Society tells you to think like everybody else, be like everybody else, act like everybody else and you know what my motto is everybody else. Ordinary people don't do extraordinary things by thinking like everybody else, I would have not had the opportunity to train the greatest athletes in the world if I thought and acted like everybody else.

If my methodology was the same like everybody else if I followed the path that my parents wanted me to follow. Do you know, why people aren't successful?

Because they're afraid of success, because what happens once you get to success all the stuff you have to keep doing is stay there you got to keep challenging yourself for the next thing and the next thing.

If a person leaves at six you leave at eight if a person makes 100 calls a day you make 200 calls a day if somebody practices 3 hours you practice 5 hours if someone reads two books you read four books just do a little bit more its work, man. it's disappointment discouragement discouragements barriers and obstacles the guy that wins the girl that wins is the person that thinks big, thinks big, and the giant never quits and refuses to quit and does whatever it takes no matter what.

you get what you tolerate you tolerate mediocrity you're going to get mediocrity, if you tolerate excellence you're going to get Excellence.

If you're right more often than you're wrong you win that's the simplicity of it you can't be right more than you're wrong if you don't swing, if you don't play the game, if you don't study, if you don't tweak, if you're not willing to make changes.

If you're not willing to make new connections hook up with new people get new information works the bottom line, it works in fancy cars, planes vacations it's not Instagram posts it's not 104 characters it's working its everyday activities.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

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