I Feel Blessed To Have As Many Comebacks As I Can

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When it's cold, when it's early, you do something away from the normality of what you've been doing. You get up at four in the morning, just for one day, and go for a run. You've got to commit to one day and see how you feel. Eventually, you'll feel like, Wow man, that was I'm alive. You can't talk about it all the time; you've got to live it. Commit to one day.

Try it to see how it feels to get up that early when everyone is asleep or how it feels when it's that cold when everybody else has no idea. This is not comfortable. We shouldn't do this. If you say yes, I'm going to introduce myself to it. There is no prize out there. The only prizes are how you feel and what you want to accomplish.

I mean, wanting to be ambitious and wanting to be successful is not enough. That's just a desire to know what you want and to understand why you're doing it. To dedicate every breath in your body to achieving If you feel you have something to give, if you feel that your particular talent is worth developing, worth caring for, then there's nothing you can't achieve.

It's like you still have to do life regardless of how you come into it, and I think some people feel well, if you come into life that everything is great, then that's the way you live life, but what? No, it doesn't matter if you come in properly. If you come in poorly, it does not matter; you have to do life.

Every problem that we have can be looked at two ways we can look at it as a difficult thing to get rid of, but we can look at it as a message from our true selves. We can view it as a challenge to overcome and overcome. We can see that there is the potential for learning.

He says that all the difficulties that we have are actually designed for us by a part of ourselves that loves us so much that it'll create extra difficulties for us if we don't get the message. What else can it do? If any problem comes along, not in order to make our lives miserable, but actually to make our lives less miserable, and the suffering that it imposes is an attempt to wake us up.

We'll have reason to be thankful if we wake up. I require a mission. We all require a mission. That's what life should be. A mission. That's what gives your life purpose, focus, and drive, and ultimately satisfaction. You've got to get up. You've got to build that body. You've got to build a mind. You've got to build something that will last.

You are not meant to just live and then work and then die. 65 is not your retirement; it's not even the mindset of a winner you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are a gladiator, you are an athlete, and it cannot be just resting on your talent and your skills. You must construct everything around you, and you must have the mindset that I am not going to die wondering what I could have been.

I will go to the grave standing there and saying I have lived abundantly and I'm happy that I've had no regret in me. I went as hard as I could. I burned the candle at both ends and I found that it didn't go out because there were those who came and connected with that flame and they carried on.

The point is that there are some games you don't get to play unless you're all in, and the other thing that's so interesting about being alive is that you're all in. You're all in, no matter what. Because this is going to kill you, I believe you should play the most magnificent game you can while you wait, because do you have anything better to do?

Why not pick the best thing possible that you could do? Perhaps you're not the best Maybe you're not the best worker, maybe you're not the best candidate, but you can become that because you refuse to quit. It's hard to beat you because if you have the mindset that if you don't quit, if you don't give up, you won't lose.

No one wants to go to war with a person that won't stop fighting, because the person that won't quit will eventually become a winner because of fatigue and everything else that comes with it. I mean, you have something unique about you. You carry the potential to change everything, but you've got to put in the work. No more taking off, no more promising that you'll be back later. Do it now.

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