Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment

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You must be your own beacon of light and walk your own path. You can't worry about the darkness until then because the stars will shine with brightness. You will go through dark times and dark moments. You will go through frustration. But it is then that you are on your way. Just don't quit in the middle of the darkness. because this valley of the shadow of death is there. You can't feel the evil because all it has is silence and noise.

Throw on your headset, the one thing that allows you to get into your zone. When you care about something, it never leaves your mind. If you always dreamed about being a singer-songwriter and you never did it, you will be haunted by that at the age of 70 because it's still right here, stored in the back of your mind; it's something meant for you that's calling to you.

When you see your dreams, you either pursue them or they haunt you. I want you to be wealthy and rich so you can take care of your family and hopefully get back to your community, but my question to you is: if you want to be wealthy and rich, how much would you be worth if you lost the money? like if we became wealthy and you got it and came into it but one day you lost it, then how much would you be worth, and I say that to say how much would your last name be worth?

Every day I wake up and I think about what would happen if this were the last day of my life on this earth. How would I want somebody to report to my son, my daughter, or my wife on my behalf if I left this room and I wasn't in their presence? What is the value of your surname? Can you see that these are the people that somebody could go up to once they stood next to them and said, "Shy?"

That was your father? you good? Fail to act on whatever your dream is when you decide I'm going to do it no matter what life changes for you see, most people don't keep their commitments to their commitments that's why they lead lives of poverty. the darkness The sun doesn't shine every day, the storms will come, and there will be times when the nights will be long and dark and you will be alone.

There will be times when the darkness seems to consume everything, but don't let it consume you; don't let it concern you. It's the mindset. There are those of you in this room who don't need another book. There are those of you in this room who don't need another course. There are those of you in this room who don't need to do anything else. You are enough as you are.

You just don't believe in yourself the way you should, and it comes out when you talk to other people, even in the darkest times and in the strongest storms, even when the sun is blotted out and the world is falling apart. can not extinguish your light. You see, when you step on the court, you step on the field, and you step into the board, you have to take with you the idea that self-promotion is the right thing.

You've been told all your life to be quiet and humble, but this is not about humility. This is about making sure that the one thing given to you by God is just yours. Your gifts, your time, your talents, your abilities—that thing you need a bullhorn with and say, "World, I am here because there is someone on the other side of the earth that needs what's in your hands, but they can't get it if you're silent, if you're whispering, if you're afraid to say it because you don't want them to think that you're egotistical."

Socrates said the uncommitted life isn't worth living; it's a part of what you must do, whatever commitment or whatever covenant you make with God while you're here: Go back and be a better father; go back and make a difference in the community; go back to change your life; decide not to ever use drugs or alcohol again; decide that you're going to begin to recreate yourself; that you're going to be reborn to a new state of consciousness; whatever commitment that you make, keep your commitment; no matter what.

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