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You know, I like it a lot

I forget the past pains of life

Live life openly

Welcome happiness with a smile

Wrap them around me

I succeed in this endeavor to a great extent

But that is only possible for a few moments

Someone's bitter tone, sticky sarcastic remarks

They throw me back into the mire of agony

Where the sting of thorns hurts my being

I feel like a sick person

Repeat these past sorrows

I look like an epidemic patient

People who smile at their happiness start running away from it

Thinking that my laughter

Don't fall victim to this painful epidemic

Yes! Many times i

By freeing yourself from the shackles of the real world

Fill your dreams with understanding

I have also tried my luck

But my prayer for everlasting happiness has always been in vain

Like bad habits, I have a good habit of forgetting painful things

But what can I do?

I remember the bitter accents

These bitter accents make me sick again

Then I cut things short

I stop laughing

I forget to live

This is a painful disease

It has kept me in such an unseen incurable epidemic

Which has become a calamity and has clung to my soul

Even with a lot of treatment

All agents, muftis, doctors, psychologists

That's what they say in the end ...

"There is no cure for this epidemic ....

#Mano_wRiTeR "

Nature is unhealthy. Remember in prayers

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Nice post

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